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  3. There should be a way to make the camera zoom out of your character.

User Info: MoneyMan1000

9 months ago#1
This way you can see what's around you without having to stop facing your opponent. This should be a mechanic in ARMS 2.
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User Info: Gamemaster64

8 months ago#2
There a whole lot more of things need fixing.

hoops-have it be something other than just grabs and rushes

volley-fix the stupid tracking on the ball and also make the arms glove default

target-have this side by side, it not very skill when we are fighting over the same targets and the other side get lucky on having the targets appearing right in front of them.

Hitboxes-fix the hit boxes for the sides or make damaging the arm also damage the body. why still take damage when shielding but not when hitting the sides? It also make fighting hedlok much better.

Lower the damage of throws.

get rid of stupid gimmicks like ninjara poofing or springtron shockwave.

party crash - if you going to have this again in the sequel. FORCE THE CHARACTER SELECTION! You don't see anyone playing as a different choice in splatfest, here should be no damn difference.

vs hedlok levels 6-8 ALWAYS 3vs1, disconnections should NOT end the fight, you don't see any other fights end cause of it so wtf this one?!
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  3. There should be a way to make the camera zoom out of your character.
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