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User Info: Santo3485

2 years ago#31
ZoqFotPik posted...
Santo3485 posted...
Surprised to finally see Battle Circuit being released on consoles. And I can’t remember Armored Warriors being released on consoles as well. So those two games alone are great news.

Great might be a bit of a stretch. It's nice that some of my favorite games are hitting the local/internet co-op, but this collection could have gone either way.

$20 is still $20 and these titles ... are probably going to be emulated ports rather than HD remakes aren't they? I'd have gladly paid $80 for a more "complete" official collection, even if it was digital-only (as long as it was tied to my account and not their server) -- including the games Jack85 mentioned.

The relativity of compilations that cash in on our nostalgia is that they're going to be expensive and incomplete. Because executives calculated nostalgia equates to price-gouging and they want their audience to have bated breath for their next dose. (As nothing new or innovative is being made anyway.)

Same. I’d love to see all those Capcom beat em up gems such as Aliens vs Predator, the two D&D arcades beat em ups, Cadillacs and Dinosaurs, The Punisher etc etc but to be realistic its never going to happen due to licensing issue. Imo 20 bucks for Battle Circuit and Armored Warriors are great since they never had a console release. Yes, I’ve played both games on Mame and especially BC which is a great overlooked beat em up that more people should try. I kinda view it as a spiritual sequel to Captain Commando.
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User Info: zzeennoolloo

2 years ago#32
pycho316 posted...

Aliens vs Predator and Punisher will obviously be licensing issues but is Cadillacs and Dinosaurs really a licensing thing? I've never heard of it outside of as a beatemup game. And yes, I'd love to play that. If they put that in the collection I'd definitely buy it (I'll probably still buy it, but it's be a much more pressing thing with C&D in there).


Cadillacs & Dinosaurs was originally a creator owned indie comic book (the original series ran 14 issues from 1987 till 1996 with about one to two issues releasing per year and the "interquel" series which filled in the gaps between the original series issues and ran for about 9 issues came out during 1994). Meanwhile, a Saturday morning animated TV series on CBS ran from 1993 to 1994. The action figures were also released during this time. The Capcom arcade video game came out in 1993 (wikipedia says 1992, but that is WRONG, it was 1993. It was made in 1992, but released during 1993) and the Sega CD game (which is an entirely different game) came out in 1994.

The owner of Cadillacs and Dinosaurs is Mark Schultz. While he is very talented, he is very, very lazy (the final comic book issue of Cadillacs and Dinosaurs from 1996 ended on a cliffhanger and he never got around to finishing the story, despite SEVERAL people and companies urging him throughout the years to finish the damn thing and release one more issue). In other words, even if Capcom approached him with an offer to re-license the old Cadillacs and Dinosaurs arcade game, it might be a very long while before he decides to check his mailbox (he has lots of money, so he doesn't really care). He's 63 years old right now... there is a higher chance of him dying and whoever inherits the Cadillacs and Dinosaurs property making a deal with Capcom than there is of Schultz getting up from his sofa seat to actually read any mail or make any return phone calls to Capcom.

Anyway, just to show you some samples of what I'm talking about:

The cartoon (1993 - 1994):


The Capcom arcade game (1993.... NOT 1992, despite what Wikipedia says. It was made during 1992, but released during 1993)


The Sega CD game (VERY, VERY different game from the Capcom arcade game) from 1994:


Small sample of the action figures (released at the same time as the animated series):


and what started it all.... the COMICS (from 1987 - 1996):
(the series was originally called Xenozoic Tales and published by indie comic company "Kitchen Sink"):


It started to be called "Cadillacs and Dinosaurs":


Marvel's creator owned creator line called EPIC would start to reprint the original series starting around 1990, but under the name Cadillacs and Dinosaurs:


Topps comics (yes, the Topps card company use to have their own comic book company) started the "interquel" series starting 1994, which were brand NEW comics which took place between the original series issues. It was NOT made by Schultz (which is probably for the best since Topps wanted a monthly series, not a yearly special. LOL). It lasted about nine issues or so and each story arc was broken up with it's own title on the cover. "The Wild Ones" is one of them):

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User Info: Atombender

2 years ago#33
The last cover is hot.
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User Info: KillerKhan420

2 years ago#34
lordjers posted...
This just reminds me I have to get those PS2 Capcom Collections.

I got it on OG Xbox. That and Midway arcade classics volume 1-3.
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User Info: EvilResident

2 years ago#35
Zack_Attackv1 posted...
este914 posted...
Spizzy posted...
Saxon = joke account

What does this even mean

How the hell did you make it here for eight years?

The real question is how has Saxon been doing it for much longer but is considered to be a joke account?

User Info: Supremo

2 years ago#36
Santo3485 posted...
the two D&D arcades beat em ups

they were released, I have them on Steam. It's named Chronicles of Mystara.
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User Info: ZoqFotPik

2 years ago#37
Santo3485 posted...
I’d love to see all those Capcom beat em up gems such as Aliens vs Predator, the two D&D arcades beat em ups, Cadillacs and Dinosaurs, The Punisher etc etc ...

The fun thing is that the D&D games were given (digital-only) HD enhanced ports relatively recently (2013) -- https://gamefaqs.com/ps3/708534- -- GameFAQs lists them as being released for PS3, X360, Steam, and even Wii U. (According to Siliconera circa Wikipedia, the PS3 version has the most extras but is JP exclusive.) They should still be available for US$10~15.

Though today it competes with Code of Princess, Dragon's Crown, and a nostalgic favorite of mine, Guardian Heroes HD.

este914 posted...
The real question is how has Saxon been doing it for much longer but is considered to be a joke account?

I prefer not to dwell on questions like that. You stare into the abyss, the abyss stares back and all that.
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User Info: Shinobi120

2 years ago#38
Taitao posted...
This is a small collection. No FF2, FF3, or FFCD? Battle Circuit comes out officially to consoles for the first time, I guess I'll get this collection later down the road on sale.

The 6th gen collections were the best.

Arcade versions of games only.

KingJames304 posted...
PedroMontana posted...
KingJames304 posted...
PedroMontana posted...
este914 posted...
KingJames304 posted...
No disc? Screw that.

Yea that doesn’t make much sense for a collection like this

Japan gets a physical version.



Ah only on the Switch huh? Well thanks, but no thanks. Probably doesn't have an English option anyway.

They do have a English option.

User Info: bultje112

2 years ago#39
este914 posted...
Yes that’s what it’s really called apparently.

(Classic) Games include:

✔ Final Fight
✔ Captain Commando
✔ The King of Dragons
✔ Knights of the Round
✔ Warriors of Fate
✔ Armored Warriors
✔ Battle Circuit

Yay? Or Nay?



no dungeons and dragons collection = an oh hell no!!

User Info: Shinobi120

2 years ago#40
bultje112 posted...
no dungeons and dragons collection = an oh hell no!!

Licensing issues.
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