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User Info: Cosmodrome

1 year ago#1
So I just started playing, I haven't beat story mode yet. But once you beat it are you able to play story mode as other enemy characters? After each level I see I unlock characters for duel mode but what about story mode?

User Info: ThePatrick

1 year ago#2
Yep! All characters (including extra ones that don't appear in story mode) are available for story mode.

To get them, you have to beat the game and then you will unlock Tower mode (basically a survival mode).

I, too, had difficulty beating story in 5 credits at first. It's ok, though! Once you have cleared a mission, you can select it when choosing your character by pressing...oh blast, what do they call the start button now? Options? Anyway, once you beat characters in Tower, you unlock them for Story and Tower.

Note that the trophies for beating the game with other characters can only be obtained by playing through mission 1-12 in one go (without using stage select, basically). However Tower is unlockable using the stage select.
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