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  3. Version 1.30 adds 4 new horses

User Info: CircusMonster

1 month ago#1
So another updates was released today, unlike most that have been popping out, this is a fairly small one.

Firstly, we got a few new songs added from DW6.

Secondly and more interestingly, we get "Iron Horses" added to the stables.

The Iron Horses are four new mounts added to the game as another collab for Suzuka 8. Unlike the costumes that were released a little while ago, this is free and they are available as soon as the game is updated.

Koei is apparently feeling REALLY generous because not only are all of them FREE at the stables, but their stats are equivalent to RED HARE. Yes, you can now get 4 totally broken mounts right off the bat, which might be nice if you haven't unlocked Red Hare yourself yet or have been unlucky with the RNG having a rare mount for sale.

It also mentions correcting some other minor issues though idk what they are.
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User Info: RPGNoZero

1 month ago#2
Me when reading the topic title: New horses? What's the point when Red Hare is the best horse in the series anyway?

After checking the update : Oh they're broken lol.

Maybe they'll have a horse racing ordeal soon
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User Info: cmcclellan2005

1 month ago#3
Good stuff :)

User Info: Taterzz

1 month ago#4
almost got me thinking the stats would be higher somehow. still, more horses never hurt.
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User Info: Skode24

1 month ago#5
Horses are far too easy to acquire for how good they are, good they've not locked them behind crazy conditions sure but finish one Wu story mode or complete one Wu chapter maybe wouldn't been better to unlock Tiger horse etc.

Still nice update outside of traditional laggy as F first experience from playing after downloading a patch and more BGMs are welcome (no Emotes or other stuff though as far as I know). Don't like outfits but bonuses are nice for those who invested in them too I guess.

Thats what 2 patches in 4 maybe 5 weeks is it not? They're still busy with the game which is good to see whilst we wait to hear about Empires, new season pass or anything of the likes (fingers crossed).

User Info: ComingEvil

1 month ago#6
The new horses are pretty damn cool and give something new to develop.

I am working on two and one is already up to 999 damage before hitting level 50, so it looks like you can level them up higher than Red Hair etc

User Info: Seraphil

1 month ago#7
They added Ignition to the BGM list! Now to never listen to any other track ever again!
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User Info: Kasain

1 month ago#8
I sttill want dw4 battke ritale music

User Info: Kittyinpink87

1 month ago#9
I love the fact that Wu has a horse now.

User Info: Locklan

1 month ago#10
I would really like it if they would make the damn things able to walk and trot with proper fricking analog control instead of adding more spastic so fast it’s hard to control red hare clones....but it’s cool they’re still adding stuff.

Seriously though, you play red dead and then this and the horse controls make you wanna throttle the nearest available developer.
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  3. Version 1.30 adds 4 new horses