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User Info: SilverHawke27

2 months ago#1
So this thought came to me while playing DW9.

For DW10, they scrap the entire separate kingdom storylines. They add a screen in which plot points are unlocked as you reach them in a story. These are major points in the story AS A WHOLE.

Meaning instead of separate stories on a per character basis, running through specific chapters each, as we have with DW9, they give us one three kingdoms history.

And the way it works is this. First, it's open world. You start by picking a character from among those present early in. Such as the Chapter 1 characters in 9.

And the game dumps you into a general starting area for that character's faction. From that moment on, history flows. Either around you in a specific area, or else in the background for areas far distant from you.

So let's say you start out as Cao Cao. The Yellow Turbans start their rise to power. You get the notification they are rebelling and a group is gathering to face them. Now you can lead your forces to the rally and then continue on to face Zhang Jiao, as do the other forces who join.

It's largely the same at this point, just like it is with Dong Zhuo. Not a lot of scheming in different places. So these two are the tutorial, of sorts.

The real place the idea shines, is once the factions separate, and start to do their own thing. All across China this would be taking place.

Yuan Shao warring against Gongsun Zan, while Cao Cao is dealing with Yuan Shu (as emperor), and then coming after Lu Bu in Xiapi.

The point is, the history is going all around you AS you play. Not just whatever is going on with your specific character. So while Wei is pursuing Liu Bei, Wu is off doing it's own thing in the south.

Your perception changes based on who you are playing as, and which faction they are currently aligned with.

The main thing is, there are no separate chapters. It's all one fluid gameplay. The plot points you step into decide which characters are available.

Sun Jian is a good example. He's available at the start against the YTs, and then Dong Zhuo. He continues right up until he's killed by Huang Zu. Any plot points after this would not allow Sun Jian as playable.

I'm not sure if I've explained it the best in the world. But in a nutshell, any events that took place simultaneously in history or the storyline, would be taking place simultaneously in the game.

So theoretically, if your Wu character was engaged in a battle against Shu, you could go into Wei's territory to witness whatever they have going on. But they may also be hostile, depending on alliances at any given time.

The various NPCs/factions are all scripted to do as they did in the story/history. As you are in one section of the world map, achieving goals for your faction, the other faction's move accordingly.

So if you played Yuan Shao, you could be dealing with Gongsun Zan, when word arrives that Cao Cao has killed Lu Bu down in Xiapi.

The most important thing about this, is Free Mode. In which the NPC scripting changes. So now after Dong Zhuo, history is what you make of it. You can make/break alliances, make your own faction. Conquer China as you would in Empires.

The gameplay would be similar. It would flow forward for every faction on the map, and you can influence things by messing up battles for a faction, but making enemies in the process.

Naturally, there would have to be a Neutral option in Free Mode. So you could ride into a neutral territory without them attacking on sight. And if you attack a neutral, you make an enemy.

Seems like the best way to combine Empires and the DW storymode in an open world setting.
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User Info: RPGNoZero

2 months ago#2
Yeah i was kinda disappointed when DW9 narrative told us a war between two kingdoms is going on in the other side of the map, and then when you visit the areas, there's.... nothing happening. Just feels kinda hilarious lol.

I guess scripting every big event in the whole map at the same time is too hard for them now. Especially if they happen at real time, that would be even harder.

I feel your idea of What-If would work better in Empires or some kind of Destiny Mode/Chronicles side game where dialogues tend to be more "generalized". I doubt they could make a well-made narrative that also has so many story possibilities.
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User Info: SilverHawke27

2 months ago#3
I think this sort of living world story mode could be done with the open world.

Most of what you see in other places far away is on the map screen. The red, blue, and white zones of control. Change that to faction colors instead. Maybe with a symbol of the faction included.

The only event scripting that would run would be that in the current chunk loaded.

The Free Mode wouldn't have a narrative, as in a story. It would be told mainly via reports giving by subordinates of your faction.

Look at how the Three Kingdom tv series does it. Countless times a soldier will run to the lords yelling "Report!" and then give the information. The talking head to the side of the screen that you see in DW9 could cover this.

Ideally you'd only need one person voicing the soldier. You then stick in voice clips with generalized dialogue.

<x> is invading <y>.
<x> is attacking <y>.
<x> has been killed by <y>.

Where X is a faction leader. Y is either a province/location or a different faction leader. Have it splice together the dialogue, rather than one line for each possible.

So the name is one clip, then you have clips saying the "is invading", "was defeated by", "was killed by", "has allied with", etc, then a clip for a location, or using a different name clip, as needed.

The idea is, we aren't likely to see an Empires release unless it goes back to the old style, maybe not at all anymore. Same as not getting Xtreme Legends, but rather the content as DLC.

So if they can create a living world like this, then Empires could be built in from that.

It's almost like playing RotK, where you have the story objective such as taking on the Yellow Turbans or Dong Zhuo. However after that is done, you basically do your own thing until you win.
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User Info: Khewy

2 months ago#4
Your idea works better for empires

User Info: SilverHawke27

2 months ago#5
As said, we may no longer be getting Empires, if they continue with open world.

As far as story mode, this is practically what we have now with DW9. The only difference is that DW9 is segmented.

The plot points I mentioned above are essentially the Chapters we have in DW9. And it's compartmentalized by kingdom.

Now you can play through the entire story, it's just broken up into dozens of the cutscenes, which in their own right are just annoying. Because usually you get 2-4 back to back, then you have to travel to another part of the map, only to have another cutscene give you more of an info dump.

Now imagine it as a more fluid setup. Instead of all the loading screens to show officers walking up and talking to one another, you have them moving around on the screen just as NPCs do when you are controlling your character.

The only load screen should be from fast travel, or to load in a video cutscene. No more of the standing around and chatting.

Then expand on that further. Instead of the four kingdoms running separately, you merge them into a single story mode. First with the combined Han, then the three Kingdoms, finally whittling down to Jin.

It's all one story anyways, so why not combine it into one? It's not that hard to lay out a timeline of events with the historical information coupled with the info from the book.

You start at the very first big with the Yellow Turbans, and lay the events of all the factions out in an unbroken line. That would give you an idea of what events took place in the same time frame. Then it's just a matter of making the AI do it.

It shouldn't be that hard to script that if Sun Ce is now working for Yuan Shu doing something, then over here Lu Bu and Liu Bei are tangling with one another for Xu Province.
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User Info: Skode24

2 months ago#6
They openly admitted no XL shortly after DW9 released but theyd discussed Empires within the team and if they could overcome challenges it'd provide (open world) to do it. Nothing said since but the fact they're still tinkering away adding mechanics to DW9 after all this time means people are still active on mastering open world and new features like ally animals, bodyguards, siege reworks etc all are predominant features of a potential empires.

Obv biggest issue is real time full world skirmishes on going retrospectively and how they'd fit in diplomacy and the likes as there's no stopping points in an open world game to do such things but I still fully believe they want it to happen. That and use all the exp from making DW9 and it's many patches to further other titles. They seem too invested in DW9 to stop it at just DW9 IMO. We will see what announcements they make in the near future, I'll stop believing there will be a DW9 Empires if they announce more season passes instead or of course nothing more gets announced for DW9 full stop.

User Info: Kasain

2 months ago#7
Dw9 is just fine in story. Really no need to show more detail of whats been said 9 times.

I rather then flush out Cao Rui tomeline, also go one chapter earlier, He Jin. This not only would show He Jins story, but you van see Lui Bei as a merchant. You can see Cao Cao and Yaun Shao as friends.

You can also get more info on enicts that Shao killed.

Then add a chapter with the fall of Wu, so you see China complete.

I love the open world, I really can't go back to instanced fights anymore. They can add many things to this sustem. Could even eventually get dw online mode

They can fix when you attack main cities quest, that if you do messenger's are sent out to all side quest. If they reach mark, those officers join the battle and the side wuest become unavailable.

And a instanced event like dqxi dungeon or berserk abyess would be nice for co op.

User Info: SilverHawke27

2 months ago#8
The way I would see diplomacy working is sort of like how certain events happen in DW. Like messengers.

They should place ministers in your major locations. Talk to one and a menu pops up, you can select to send an envoy to work out peace with a rival faction.

This creates a force that travels from your current location, to whoever you are targeting. It means also that you could intercept messages or the like going from other factions to one another. Killing the messenger stops it, at least for a period of time.

The skirmishes and the like only happen visually while your character is loaded into that area, at least that's how I believe 9 works. There is a radius, where farther away stuff simply isn't loaded. And all you get instead are the messages about fighting. And the map showing who is moving in what direction, or clashing where.

Edit: Development is as simple as adding empty spots in your major areas. And a minister that allows you to build things in a spot. A crude system like this is already utilized with Hideaways and furniture placement. Super-size it to a full city, and you have options for building Blacksmith, Trader, Shopkeeper, Stables, maybe other functional buildings.

Add in a menu option to Invest in each to improve what they sell and you cover that aspect of Empires.
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(edited 2 months ago)

User Info: jaigo2

2 months ago#9
I really just want more Hypotheticals, preferably one where Wu wins. This is why I want Season Pass 4 and 5.

4 and 5 could give us alt costumes for the rest of the characters, so you don't have to do the fetch quests to get an alternate costume. I also want more weapons back, like Sun Ci's.

Honestly, I'd rather they finish what they started with DLC in 9 before making 10.
(edited 2 months ago)

User Info: Skode24

2 months ago#10
jaigo2 posted...
I really just want more Hypotheticals, preferably one where Wu wins. This is why I want Season Pass 4 and 5.

4 and 5 could give us alt costumes for the rest of the characters, so you don't have to do the fetch quests to get an alternate costume. I also want more weapons back, like Sun Ci's.

Honestly, I'd rather they finish what they started with DLC in 9 before making 10.

Well if nothing else they're a better compromise to just nothing meanwhile. Don't know numbers to how successful they've been but it there's more DLC I'll get more DLC (not costumes but I've been happy with hypos and a decent chunk of the weapons as there's usually one new weapon each batch to get hyped about). I think I'm more interested in getting more patches, not simply as they're free but hypo stuff aside they get me playing the game again most. I actually appreciated the costumes not just unlocked, I was doing stuff willingly I'd not bother with otherwise like farming bandits or generic animals - it's taking over a year but recent changes finally gave a point to hunting. Not a bad thing and long overdue as we're the casual costumes which I understand we're a massive undertaking for Koei who cited having to go through every one to address clipping issues etc as they were not intended for combat so they clearly listened.
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