2 months ago #1
    Anyone ever get the error code (CE-30005-8) with the message "So-and-so' will be logged out of the PS4 because an error has occurred"? Apparently it has to do with the disc drive. Well I don't own any disc games, I only have digital games. Also every other game and PS4 feature works just fine. I start up the game, it acts like it's loading up saved data, goes to a black screen and as soon as the first company logo appears is when I get the error. I've tried reseting default settings, syncing trophies, restore licenses, doing a hard reset, and nothing works. I guess now my only choice is to delete and reinstall the game. If that doesn't work though, I sure hope PS reimburses me, cuz this is soooooooooo effed up.
    I Googled first before I came here.