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  3. Are the DLC weapons worth grabbing?

User Info: Raiden243

4 weeks ago#1
Haven't played in a while and only finished three characters.

Got the claws and holy s*** it's freaking amazing. Are the dlc weapons worth grabbing like the cross pike?

User Info: Skode24

4 weeks ago#2
I'd watch the trailers or even full display videos from likes of Fail Upload to decide for yourself as nobody can tell you what you'll like and what you won't as everyone is different. I hated Tooth & Nail but many liked it. I loved the Crescent Edge the most of the new weapons and as for returning the most fun I had was with Emei Piercers and the Tripartite Nunchuks.

If you can afford it id even maybe think of getting them all as unlike most you have majority of cast to play through so can get real mileage out of them as you'll be using them for hours offering 3 varied and different movesets completing Taishi Ci, Yue Jin and Xiahou Yuan instead of 3 variations of the Twin Rods lol

User Info: SiegvonWal

4 weeks ago#3
Yeah, just insert what Skode said and you got my words too lol.

Personally I'd say it all depends on what you want. Monk Spade looks cool to me, so I'm excited to use it next I play, as does Flail Flute and Bayonet Bow. As a fan of Xiahou Yuan, I'm also looking forward to using his Club Bow!

However I don't want to use "returning weapons" like the Cross Edge Thingy and Piercers, but I actually enjoyed the Lightning Blade (I got SP2 via its SP but I bought SP3 things individually so I have some experience with most of SP2's stuff) even though it wasn't as earth-shattering as the lightning strikes would imply. I didn't like the Iaijutsu Katana at all though, mainly because of the delay in the Stun Chain and its narrow cone-like area of effect compared to the Vanilla Clone Katana which had great reach and utility.
(edited 4 weeks ago)

User Info: CircusMonster

4 weeks ago#4
Again, what Skode said.

Notably, the dlc weapons(sans the first pack) are the ONLY weapons in the game to have any gimmicks. Unlike 7-8 though, they are not extremely gamebreaking nor extremely annoying or distruptive to gameplay, so I much prefer this.

(If it matters the flute is pretty broken, particularly on a horse. Claws are OP too.)
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  3. Are the DLC weapons worth grabbing?