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User Info: Relinquished

4 weeks ago#1
Reviving a classic (

Here’s a personal favorite of mine:

“I always knew you’d come for me!” -Hero officer, DW5
Everybody 1) is a genius, 2) is an alt, and 3) has bad taste, ok.

User Info: redroses_4life

4 weeks ago#2
It's been 10 years since I posted in that wtf

"A head is for more than filling an helmet!"
Anjar elium farakeeu agua.
Who could possibly fight us?

User Info: SuperDWFan

4 weeks ago#3
You’re in too deep! Control yourself!
Life makes no sense when fish are gay.

User Info: Taterzz

4 weeks ago#4
"A dike?! Oh NO!"
You just lost the game.

User Info: SiegvonWal

4 weeks ago#5
"I have defeated an officer!!"

I can't believe this'll appear in my history...

User Info: Skode24

4 weeks ago#6
Xu Zhu = god of sex quotes!

"Look out Below"
"I'm gonna blow you away, Take this!"
"This ones gonna hurt"
"Your doing really good! great even!"
"How many was that? Ive lost count already"

User Info: sol_trigger

4 weeks ago#7

User Info: B4J33BUS

4 weeks ago#8
I believe it’s in DW9:
“You’re tearing it up, brother!”
~Carpe Diem~
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User Info: ComingEvil

4 weeks ago#9
I actually have said Cao Caos “BOW!!!” from DW4 . . .😎
(edited 4 weeks ago)

User Info: JadeBaby

4 weeks ago#10
Cao Cao quote from DW3.

"Front lines retake the middle! That's the vital spot of the Wu army!
Would've, could've, should've. Would of, should of, and could of ARE INCORRECT!!!!
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