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User Info: TriadKokuga

3 months ago#1
I have been playing Dynasty warriors 5 for Months, and each time that i think about the series, i feel the fifth game of the series is the dividing edge between the 6 and 4, This thing
is bothering me occasionally from time to time, If anyone is reading this topic, just reply because i want know if this hunch is true or not.(alas i know the sixth game is bad).

User Info: RPGNoZero

3 months ago#2
Kinda. Other than the graphics, the series clearly has been stagnant. Some things improve, but more things clearly got worse. There's definitely a lot of potential in the series that they will never add because they're mainly just focusing on adding more and more characters and waste a lot of assets in that. Then when they try to do big change (like in 6 and 9), the roster size just ended up getting in their way.

The series has definitely been losing its identity from some kind of battlefield simulator to just "mindless fanservice hack and slash", and most of the remaining fanbase are only those who stays because their waifu are still in the game.
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User Info: SiegvonWal

3 months ago#3
I used to agree with the general sentiment, but now I think it's mostly Old Gamer talk/nostalgia rather than reality.

Although Dynasty Warriors 3 is my favorite, part of what makes the game special is its technological limitations and the simple fact any attack could stagger an opponent or friend and that, combined with a generally aggressive A.I., made the game a lot harder and forced the player to be more thoughtful and resourceful as a result.

This changed over time but it wasn't immediate. DW4 was a little easier, hyper armor had begun to take shape, you had a couple new charge attack chains and unique First Charges, but most of the levels were cramped compared to 3. I can't remember 5 much beyond that being when Peons really became a thing (they no longer fought like officers in the sense of having a full attack chain with chargers and their health bars were much smaller with far fewer tiers of quality). I can't remember 6 well enough to comment, and everyone knows about how there were far fewer characters and movesets.

DW7 essentially tried to return the series to its roots mechanically by restoring the traditional charge system and most of the discarded cast as well as expanded the game into including Jin's story as well as a career mode that involved using miniature towns as bases--something 8's Ambition Mode expanded upon in some ways but lost in others. Definitely not as replayable (to me) as the actual classics, and therefore I could say the quality went down, but the mechanics were at their most finely tuned at the time with it being possible to redirect attacks so they weren't being automatically locked onto specific enemies and there were varying levels of hyper armor which made slower characters more viable.

However, and this is true of 8 as it's rather similar to 7, all these refinements came at the cost of difficulty as the growing number of peons made the individual footman far less threatening than they were in the old games while at the same time making the player character ever more OP unless on Hard or above (and even then, I'd argue Chaos in the PS2 Era was far harder than Chaos now simply because of how "simpler" or "unrefined" the mechanics were).

Dynasty Warriors 9 broke the mold in many ways, and while the game is a bit too easy early on I have to say patches and Ultimate Mode have kept the game hard enough for me to feel joy in victory and I think the game really picks up in difficulty once the Three Kingdoms actually become a thing. By the later chapters, there's actually a very practical reason to do a lot of side missions--the big boss is really tough and without help his goons will shaft you to death while you're busy dodging the boss's musous!

Overall, I think Koei's something of a roller coster in terms of quality; they started high, descended gradually, then quickly, and are now coming back up. I still consider 3 my favorite but 9 is easily second place as I find it the most replay-able and enjoyable of the main-series (I emphasize because I generally preferred the Empires games over the years for being far more replayable, freeform, and challenging) and may even come back to play this game years from now if Koei doesn't outdo itself in making a better open world.

DW9 has a lot of room for improvement, but as-is I'd say it's quite fun so long as I'm in the mood for what it has to offer. I'd argue 6-8 was a low point for the main series (and a high point for the Empires games as they've only gotten better over time, I'd argue, although I favor 7 Empires the most) and 9 has the potential to mark an ascension up the roller coster.

However, I don't think it's possible to "unify the fanbase" as we want different things and those things often contradict each other. We have different priorities and Koei can, at best, meet them half-way without just picking one and committing to it or doing their own thing (which might be best, who knows?).
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User Info: sol_trigger

3 months ago#4
atelier is decaying even more

User Info: TriadKokuga

3 months ago#5
and what about the orochi series?

User Info: qwertyMrJINX

3 months ago#6
I don't know anything about decaying standards. The problem with Dynasty Warriors 6 was that it wanted to change things up, but they didn't have a clear vision on how they wanted to change things, so we ended up with wishy-washy unfinished concepts like Renbu.

Also, removing characters, rather than adding them, didn't help. I f***ing liked Pang De.
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User Info: QueenCia

3 months ago#7
8 was a low point for KOEI, yet 9 gets a pass? D-E-L-U-D-E-D
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User Info: Dark Symphony

Dark Symphony
3 months ago#8
QueenCia posted...
8 was a low point for KOEI, yet 9 gets a pass? D-E-L-U-D-E-D

I think some fans tend to overthink things. That's just my hot take. Sometimes when people list things they want/like I wonder uf they even want a game or if they just want a bunch of disconnected features dropped into an engine just to see their ideas realized. Or maybe to have a product to brag about to others by rattling off features in order to compare game groins.

User Info: ComingEvil

3 months ago#9
The only “standards” they’ve skipped are the ones that are pertain to a “Musho” game.

Though it maintains its roots to the earlier titkes, DW9 is an RGP/Simulator game more than a Musho game, which is what the people here are crying about.

Bottom line is DW has evolved from the bottom combos and gimmicks of the past

KOEI has shown you can use Musho format with about any storyline: alien interference, pirates, Gundam etc., which has (finally) opened the door for a massive open world action-RPG simulator. that is more sophisticated, in-depth. and realistic than the Musho format that exists in multiple titles

User Info: Dark Symphony

Dark Symphony
3 months ago#10
And it's also more boring and inferior in almost every way.

Way to evolve.
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