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User Info: SiegvonWal

3 months ago#1
In order to end the Clone Wars, what do you think Koei should do? - Results (72 votes)
Make Everybody Unique--even if that means carrying over unusued movesets or crazy movesets.
61.11% (44 votes)
Make a lot of Semi-Clones, similar to PS2 DW and/or DW9.
11.11% (8 votes)
Who says the clone wars should end? Why not make most characters clones?
2.78% (2 votes)
Make Everybody Unique, but everybody only being slightly different from each other instead of crazy.
5.56% (4 votes)
Bring back the old weapons from the PS2 Era for those who lost them, and give the new weapons to newbies.
15.28% (11 votes)
Other (Please comment)
4.17% (3 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I think this is an interesting topic since, like how story modes should be handled, the matter of weapons is something that's both highly contested and hard to solve partly because of it (the other part being the difficulty in making everyone happy on a technical level).

Personally, I'm voting 5 as an ideal and 2 or 4 as my "realistic" options.

I didn't really care about everyone being unique in DW8 Empires nor about the introduction of semi-clones for 9; I mostly with the same couple dozen movesets across both unique and custom/generic officers so it really didn't matter if flying swords or paint brushes were lost in coming to DW9.

However, I have minded the loss of Zhou Yu's original sword, Zhen Ji's flute, Diaochan's dancing maces, Cai Wenji's harp, Lianshi's Shotgun/Crossbow, and so on. I actually miss a lot of the classic weapons and would love to see them back and encourage DW's dev team to make that happen one way or another--like how the SW team manages to keep everyone with their classic weapons while updating them with each game.

But if I can't get the Return of the Classic Warriors then I'd rather End the Clone Wars through the New Semi-Clone Hope or whatever Cheasy Star Wars reference amounts to "make most characters fall under different weapon types but behave slightly differently to give them character and uniqueness as well as a cool, smart weapon".

I'm not a fan of making everyone unique to the point where it's hipster levels of crazy, but I wouldn't really care so long as there's movesets I like in there--and chances are most people, I suspect, would agree with this sentiment. It's cool if there's a lot of crazy/strange movesets so long as some of them are fun and "some" amounts to several dozen, kinda like how it did in DW8 Empires.

But I didn't make this post just to share my opinions. I made it because I wanted to compile what the GameFAQs branch of the community thinks Koei should do so that, on the off chance they take a gander over here, they can get some ideas and come up with a solution that manages to please us all (or at least make it so we're not salty--for the most part, at least lol).

So, please share your thoughts and cast your ballot. The future of Dynasty Warriors is at stake! (:-P)
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User Info: RPGNoZero

3 months ago#2
Delete the useless characters
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User Info: CircusMonster

3 months ago#3
I'd say any one of the first, second, or second to last options. Id be fine with any of those.

They could remove characters, but knowing fan reaction with how DW6 removed characters with no replacements, and how SW did this periodically until bringing everyone back in 4, it seems that Koei is too afraid to go that way again(I do recall them mentioning that they did want to remove anyone anymore a few years back, cant recall how it came up though)
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User Info: SiegvonWal

3 months ago#4
CircusMonster posted...

They could remove characters, but knowing fan reaction with how DW6 removed characters with no replacements, and how SW did this periodically until bringing everyone back in 4, it seems that Koei is too afraid to go that way again(I do recall them mentioning that they did want to remove anyone anymore a few years back, cant recall how it came up though)

They certainly could remove characters, but I don't think that's a good idea. Every character is someone's favorite and most are good enough that them not being there would be like a missing face in an extended family portrait.

But yeah, assuming they won't do that, I'm cool with every option besides clones for all but I do prefer the restoration of classics over all else.
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User Info: Skode24

3 months ago#5
Making every one unique with a mix of old and new. New twin flame swords for Sun Jian? Awesome a NEW weapon, far more exciting than Tonfa's, Viper Spear or Katana for me as I've seen them in action a hundred times.

DLC seems their preferred method of decloning so packs 2 and 3 better than 1 as we get a new one to go with demanded legacy ones... A meeting of the middle between people incensed at losing a fave on a fave character and people like me who openly vent every time they release old content yet again as paid content of expension or DLC.

Also means they can get it right this time. Make weapons fun and fitting, one last hard reset to leave behind for good ridiculous weapons like Paint Brush and Iron Boat on characters completely unsuited. Fair to say I don't want ALL the old weapons back but i can accept any as long as they fit (mystical weapons on strategists, more grounded ones on front line warriors etc)

User Info: SuperDWFan

3 months ago#6
RPGNoZero posted...
Delete the useless characters

Delete EVERYONE added after DW5... except the females and Other characters.
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User Info: Nhatalya

3 months ago#7
Making everyone fully unique, since to me the whole point of the Hack'n Slash games are their characters and their play style. I'm fine with clones in DW9 because of the overhaul and I like most of the moveset, but I want everyone to be unique again in DW10. That said, I don't want useless gimmicks like Ding Feng's and Yueying's timed charge attacks. Why should I bother doing that since the other characters can do them just fine? I don't want characters to have a gimmick for the sake of having a gimmick. Just having fun moveset is enough for me.

Also I'm perfectly fine with traditional and mystical weapons, but the futurist ones are just way OTT. f***in' gatling, giant missile lance (Xiahou Ba), and some weird one like Fa Zheng's cloth carpet thingy. There are lots of weapons they can use without using ones like these. If DW9 continued DW8 absurdity of weird weapons, I swear a new character of DW9 would've been using a giant pen. I remember some people asking on KOEI Warriors forum for new characters like Bianshi to have her "voice" as her weapon, lol what? What will be her weapons skin? Different color lips? And other characters equipping that "weapon" would be just weird and it just wouldn't work.
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User Info: Khewy

3 months ago#8
I picked other, i would rather have them share a weapon(preferably only 2 share a weapon) but make the moveset completely different. I also would love to have all the old weapons return.

User Info: DsPsofLife

3 months ago#9
As long as they keep the option to use any weapon, I think it's best to bring back all the DW8 movesets and weapons(Iron Fan and Dagger Axe included). I don't care for some of the strange ones, but I'm sure someone out there likes the towel and rocket lance.

User Info: qwertyMrJINX

3 months ago#10
I really don't mind clones, as long as the base gameplay is fun. It's why I don't get the praise for DW8. Yes, everyone was decloned, but the base gameplay was really noticeably worse than in 7, and a lot of the decloned movesets were just flat-out awful.

So, I'm fine with them introducing new weapons and movesets, just as long as it doesn't get too gimmicky and stupid, and as long as they don't sacrifice the quality of the base gameplay.
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