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User Info: Arethai

3 months ago#11
Raiden243 posted...
It does feel like auto combos but the animations look so smooth, it reminds me of DW6.

Someone gets it.
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User Info: Dark Symphony

Dark Symphony
3 months ago#12
Even with the stupid, stupid, stupid state based system that the devs lied and said people loved the combat in DW9 is better than almost any other Warriors game ever made.

It's probably the best.

There's tons more room for expression and dynamic response. The increased defensive options give the AI more room to be aggressive without the game starting to feel stupid. The counter system, which needs a little tweaking, allows for more openings to transition offense as well as provides much needed vulnerability for archers which the devs can leverage to add more danger to ranged enemies.

It's good enough that the silly state based system isn't enough to drag it down below the other games.

The rolling is such a key feature and I didn't realize how much I missed it from SW1 after you unlocked the ability to roll out of attacks. I don't have to just stand there and stop attacking after an enemy is defeated. I can roll toward the next mark and mess up his pizza face.

And the air juggle cancelling...

Even the lack of air attacks, which I'm sure was corner cutting, actually work well, unlike 7 where you just had no air triangle. The ability to jump cancel and then do an attack that dashes you back to the ground to quickly start a combo. This is amazing and is something I didn't even know I wanted. I don't mind if they add more air R1 specials but I hope they at least keep two per character as ground transition moves.

Overall a big thumbs up on the combat.

User Info: LightPersona8

3 months ago#13
Damn right I like it it's more fluid and less stiff which is what the series needs.
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User Info: Taterzz

3 months ago#14
i prefer 9's combat over the others. for once, every single person has the ability to activate elements on all their moves, all have a knockdown, stun, juggle, and can string things together very easily. first time i've seen the entire cast as playable, with no distinct s*** tier characters (like yuan shao in 8).
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User Info: DragonLord150

3 months ago#15
I have to try it in co-op still but I do not hate or love it. It is just missing something. I do not know what. I think if they would have done more like OPEN WORLD between stuff and still have THE BIG ARENA'S OF OLDER GAMES IT would be good. I just like when I am enjoying it the battle is over and I am off to the next thing.
Also some said it but I do like the whole make all the charge attacks into a R1+Button attack and let us make pick. That is probably the real thing missing.
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User Info: RPGNoZero

3 months ago#16
Also, i really love stealth feature in this game lol. A really nice variation for the series after years of being mostly just linear mindless H&S.

The bow stealth was also a nice implementation to the PS2 bow. Though i hope they improve it more, since as of now the bow is pretty much useless if the enemies notice you.
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User Info: selfpityingbuff

3 months ago#17
Yeah, it's pretty good, I guess. At first I thought it was a step down from previous games, but now I've got used to it, it's... basically fine. On the whole I'd say it's roughly as good as any previous game.

But just the fact it's something different makes it an overall bonus, IMO.

User Info: WhiteZeus

3 months ago#18
I think combining the 2 systems would be the way to go and it would add much needed variety.

User Info: X-SkyBlaze

3 months ago#19
RPGNoZero posted...
Since most Trigger Attacks were based on C2, C4, and C5, maybe they could add C1, C3, and C6 in the future and then let us choose which 3 attacks to use.

DragonLord150 posted...
Also some said it but I do like the whole make all the charge attacks into a R1+Button attack and let us make pick. That is probably the real thing missing.

Don't make us pick.

just put that missing C-attacks to R1 + Hold X/S/T. also, the idle square combos need a T finisher (not charge attack, just a finisher). an exact same finisher no matter ST, SST or SSST.

oh yeah, we dont need C1 anymore because its function is already exist in neutral T.

User Info: sol_trigger

3 months ago#20
need a rage musou in game too because some characters musou is horrible
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