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User Info: Epimonandas

4 months ago#11
Gongsun Zan leader of the Baima elite Calvary definitely
Zhang Bao and Liang, Zhang Liao’s Brothers are good too.
I can see Liao Hua too, comer yellow turban and though a fictional character, he is featured strongly in many major events.
I’d also suggest Sima Hui, who mentions Zhuge Liang and Pang Tong as top minds.
Zhang Xiu - the lord who nearly defeated Cao Cao and caused Dian Wei to sacrifice his life.
I can get behind Sun Luban too, the daughter of Sun Quan.

User Info: Khewy

4 months ago#12
Wei: Bianshi, Cao Hong, Zang Ba, Cao Rui, Cao Jie

Wu: Wu Guotai, Sun Yi, Jiang Qin, He Qi, Sun Luban

Shu: Liao Hua, Jian Yong, Zhang Yi,

Jin: Chen Tai, Yang Huiyu

Other: Liushi, Yan Liang, Fengshi, Ji Ling, Huaman, another nanman add,

User Info: Locklan

4 months ago#13
Cao Hong, Liao Hua and Zang Ba are the only ones I’m super interested in. I think Lu Kang is a given if we get another installments and a much needed one...but he’s going to get a terrible design.
"None are so fallible as those who are sure they're right"

User Info: Chaos1031

4 months ago#14
As much as I want Zhurong & Meng Huo's daughter Huaman I feel like they'd go overboard with her relationship to Guan Suo & her inevitable competition with Bao Sanniang.
Smithers, use the amnesia ray.
You mean the revolver, sir?

User Info: Khewy

4 months ago#15
I personally feel like Huaman wont have competition with Bao or go overboard with Guan Suo she might be the Kai Or Chacha but in dynasty warriors. But if anyone get multiple concubines and a wive in the game then it should go to Cao Cao with his wive Bianshi Concubines Dushi and Zoushi..

User Info: Xiahou Mao

Xiahou Mao
4 months ago#16
It's nice that other people are nominating Xiahou Mao now so I don't have to!
Xiahou Mao, True Hero of the Three Kingdoms!

User Info: qwertyMrJINX

4 months ago#17
I'd just like for them to add some later Wu people, so they'll stop quietly sidelining Wu for the duration of the Jin story.
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User Info: Asdeq

4 months ago#18
Liao hua is long overdue. But i give up Koei is too idiot to not add him.

User Info: SuperDWFan

4 months ago#19
Wei - Cao Ang
Wu - Zhu Huan
Shu - Jian Yong
Jin - Sima Nanyang

Other - Li Jue, Guo Si, Yuan Tan, Liushi, Ji Ling, Lady Fengshi, Huaman.
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User Info: Skode24

4 months ago#20
Asdeq posted...
Liao hua is long overdue. But i give up Koei is too idiot to not add him.

What would he add though? Not dissing your choice but other than being a Yellow Turban for 10 minutes in the game he'd mostly be another fawning Guan Yu shadow preaching how amazing his idol is (I literally created a topic bemoaning the bias for Guan Yu in the games without adding more fuel to the fire).

He lived through the entire story from start to finish but on his own merits he didn't actually do that much of note. Certainly not compared to other missing Shu officers like Wang Ping or Zhang Yi (if your after a more late Shu officer). Just curious on your thoughts as it doesn't feel stupid he's not in the game yet to me, far from it.
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