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User Info: JadeBaby

4 months ago#1
I am interested in seeing

Cao Hong
Sun Li
Jiang Qin
Pan Zhang
Zhang Bao
Lu Kang
Huang Quan
Gao Shun

That Cao Hong hasn't already been in a DW game baffles me especially.
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User Info: Skode24

4 months ago#2
My top 3 picks (per kingdom).


Jian Yong. Long overdue, very unique personality (was so laid back he often ignored things like court etiquette and it's a persona that nearly got him killed as it was seen as rude lol). Also literally the only other dude who was with Lui Bei from the start - I'm fed up with JUST the sworn oath bros game after game all through till Zhao Yun joins and he's there long before even Xu province recruited officers Mi Zhu, Sun Quan etc.

Zhang Yi - opposite of Jian Yong in that's he's very late Shu but he's a big figure for latter Shu, featured in most all the prominent late battles and does well. Clashes regularly and often with Jiang Wei calling out his BS northern campaigns so will add needed dynamics to the young next gen side of Shu roster. Killed by Zhong Hui.

Ma Su - a wildcard choice in all honesty. He however gives more darker shades to the all too perfect at times Zhuge Liang as his arrogance and ignorance to advice cost Shu, badly. Was too favoured by Zhuge Liang and was regretfully executed on orders by him whilst because of Ma Su's failure Zhuge Liang demoted himself. Also adding him is a wonderful path to get Wang Ping playable in the future.


Lady Wu Gotai - we need more females right? Perfect choice. Fierce, has a massive pool of playables already there to interact with and is deeply involved in parts of the story esp around Lui Bei assassination ploy using SSX (which is now featured) where she tears Sun Quan and Zhou Yu both a new one over hearing of it. SSX needs more screenings as a Wu officer, her mum means we can get SSX escaping Shu battle (Wu lied to her saying her mother was gravely ill) and of course it's an excuse for more Sun Jian screentime.

Pan Zhang - was great officer for Wu, active in many battles and was questionable in nature (dressed garrishly, was addicted to gambling and loved a bit of the ol' loot). Some others in Wu hated him with a passion but he was so great for Sun Quan as a commander in his army he was untouchable because he favoured him so highly. It was his liutenant and his men which caught Guan Yu before he was executed so big role to play in story too. Was killed by Guan Xing.

Zhuge Ke - a loose cannon. Long service where he eventually replaced Lu Xun. Fearless as an officer he was loved by the people but as his power grew be devolved from humble to arrogant and will offer great story potential. Also would participate in a good few battles Vs Wei/Jin in the games.


Cao Zhen - huge figure for Cao Pi era not sure why he's not in the games yet. From Hanzong onwards was there for all the big Wei battles, held high rank, has close ties to majority of the Wei cast alive during his time and offers a lot of story perspective if Koei chooses to use it.

Lady Bianshi and Cao Hong. These HAVE to come as a pair or add a different pair IMO. Cao Hong was a long serving officer, cousin of Cao Cao and thus whom had familiar favour in spite of so many infamous defeats. Was brave but foolish so be effortlessly unique and had the honour of almost getting executed by BOTH Cao Cao and Cao Pi. Did save Cao Cao once though, over all long serving very interesting character.

As for Bianshi? Wife of Cao Cao I want her to feature as an older mother figure like Zhang Chunhua over early recruit hottie (he met her when was only 20). Of course she's ties easily with most of Wei early and late for a start but had honour of being only one crafty enough and influential enough to keep Cao Pi in check when he was emporer - he listened to almost nobody but yet his mother managed to spare both Cao Hong and Cao Zhi (his brother, another of her son's) despite this. Wise and always very serious Wei are due next female.


Chen Tai - obvious choice is obvious. Probably even more so now Xin Xianying is playable and needed better integrated into the story. The defacto thorn to Late Shu with Deng Ai in stopping their northern campaigns.

User Info: Skode24

4 months ago#3
There's more I want to see but we need Fall of Wu properly covered so I'm thinking Du Yu, Yang Hu, Sima Yan, Sun Hao, Sun Luban etc. Until there I'm not overtly enthused with more Jin but id take the likes of Pang Hui who would be an easy for to currently Vs Shu focused narrative for Jin.

Don't care for Others adds in all honesty save maybe Gongsun Zan who is overdue a playable story and Guo Si/Li Jue would be fantastic if done right. Loved what they added to the plot but that's extremely unlikely in all honesty.

User Info: ChingTheMonkey

4 months ago#4
Sima Yan
It still bothers me that they call it the Jin faction without including the guy that actually established said dynasty
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User Info: SiegvonWal

4 months ago#5
Wei/Jin: Yang Hu
Wu: Wu Guotai, Lu Kang, and Zhuge Ke


Gongsun Zan, Liu Yan, Liu Zhang, Liu Biao, Ma Teng (especially), Shi Xie, Yan Liang, Wen Chou, Yuan Tan, Yuan Shang, Yuan Xi, Gongsun Du, Li Jue, Guo Si, Zhang Xu, Gao Shun, and basically every other Other Warlord.
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User Info: xXIsaIsaXx

4 months ago#6
I'll try and keep it to 5 per category.

Shu: Jian Yong, Ma Su, Ma Liang, Zhang Yi, and I'm not sure... Either Liao Hua or Yan Yan for the fifth.
Wei: Cao Hong, Cheng Yu, Xiahou Mao, Cao Zhen, and I can get behind adding Bianshi as well.
Wu: Pan Zhang, Zhuge Ke, Sun Yi, Wu Guotai, and Lu Kang
Jin: Chen Tai, Wen Hu, Yang Hu (to counter/rival Lu Kang), Du Yu, and Sima Yan
Other: Liu Biao, Gongsun Zan, Yan Liang, Wen Chou, and Zhang Liang or Zhang Bao

There's quite a bit more (especially for Other) that I'd like to see added, but I'd say these are definitely my tops for each faction.
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User Info: sol_trigger

4 months ago#7
dynasty warriors don't need new characters, it needs better gameplay polishment'
look at WO4 it has 170 characters and it's a sack of mess.

User Info: Nhatalya

4 months ago#8
Lady Gan and Jian Yong (can be combined with Lady Mi if they want) for Shu.
Bianshi and Cao Hong (he's everywhere in Wei's story in DW9 despite being a generic) for Wei.
Wu Guotai and Zhu Zhi for Wu.
Yang Huiyu and Chen Tai for Jin.
Huaman and King Wutugu for Other.

There are many I want to see but I'm not going to list them all.
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User Info: eX Calmune

eX Calmune
4 months ago#9
Wei - Zang Ba, Cheng Yu, Cao Hong, Cao Zhen, Xiahou Mao, Bianshi
Wu - Lu Kang, Zhuge Ke, Zhuge Jin, He Qi, Sun Yi, Sun Luban, Wu Guotai
Shu - Jian Yong, Zhang Yi, Yan Yan, Ma Su, Ma Liang
Jin - Chen Tai, Du Yu, Hu Lie, Sima Yan, Jia Nanfeng
Others - He Jin, Gao Shun, either King Wutugu or King Mulu, Huaman, An officer for each of Yuan Shao and Shu.

I need to finish the books to learn more about late Wei to have a better idea of who I would want for Jin though.
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User Info: Epimonandas

4 months ago#10
He Jin - the first warlord and supporter of the Han.
Wen Chou - said to be one of the tougher generals under Yuan Shao
Yan Liang - see above
Kong Rong
Emperor Xian
Liu Feng - Liu Bei’x adopted son but probably his most capable
Liu Yong - Liu Bei’s most capable natural son
Guo Si
Li Jue
Cao Rui
Sun Li
Yan Yan - older general under Huang Zhong said to be very able
Ma Teng
Lady Gan - Liu Bei’s previous wife who sacrificed herself at Changban to save Liu Bei’s oldest son, Liu Shan or Ou Du , Black his nickname
Ding Yuan - Lu Bu’s original adoptive father and a powerful lord who tried to stop Dong Zhou taking power and nearly did.
Liu Biao - he was one of the strongest lords early on and gave Liu Bei a place and governor position
Xu Shu’s mother - though her name is not mentioned she figures prominently in the story since she was used as a ploy to kidnap Liu Bei’s strategist
Ma Yunlu - Ma Chao’s sister and Zhao Yun’s Wife
Huangfu Song - one of the major early period generals who figured prominently in many early engagements of the three Kingdoms
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