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User Info: RPGNoZero

4 months ago#1
Which one? - Results (146 votes)
Zhao Yun
41.78% (61 votes)
Guan Yu
17.81% (26 votes)
Zhuge Liang
4.11% (6 votes)
Lu Bu
10.96% (16 votes)
Xiahou Dun
8.9% (13 votes)
Wang Yuanji
5.48% (8 votes)
Sima Zhao
0% (0 votes)
Liu Bei
6.16% (9 votes)
Cao Cao
4.11% (6 votes)
0.68% (1 vote)
This poll is now closed.
It's clear that Koei got some bias with some characters and clearly overexposing them in the story and/or promotional materials, but which one got the most, maybe to the point of being irritating?

I feel like i've got the most major ones covered on the poll, but feel free to choose other if you think it's not them.

Yinping has been raising in popularity recently, but i don't remember her being exposed that much yet, as the only big thing she's gotten so far is just a deified form in WO4.
Sun Quan is one of the most major character in the story, but let's be real, he's treated like a third wheel compared to other leaders most of the time. It's clear that he only got his role because of the history/novel, and not because Koei care for him.
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User Info: CircusMonster

4 months ago#2
Hard to say because I dont dislike any of the characters in that poll.
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User Info: Hayato Nekketsu

Hayato Nekketsu
4 months ago#4
Zhao Yun has been consistently plastered everywhere ever since the original Sangoku Musou, but that isn't really irritating. Their constant hyping up of Guan Yu and now his family is though. Especially since Guan Yu hasn't really been 'that' fun to use in almost every game he's in.

User Info: redroses_4life

4 months ago#5
CircusMonster posted...
Hard to say because I dont dislike any of the characters in that poll.

I don't think you read the poll, when was it a poll of who you dislike the most?
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User Info: kuroishironeko

4 months ago#6
Zhao Yun. That guy's friggin' everywhere. He was cool in WAS and had a sweet moveset there, though. Yinping's popularity is really soaring, so I sincerely hope she doesn't get hollowed out so much like Wang Yuanji.
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User Info: TongYoon

4 months ago#7
I'm tired of Zhao Yun.

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User Info: sol_trigger

4 months ago#8
clearly Zhuge liang, he doesn't shoot laser beams to slay enemies in the novel

User Info: qwertyMrJINX

4 months ago#9
I gotta be honest, I don't get Yuanji. I mean, I get her purpose in the story, and she's fine for that, but there was no reason for her to be so prominent in promotional and cross-over material. She's never been all that noteworthy, or even fun to play as.

The Shu guys I at least get from a cultural perspective, even if I don't like them myself. Yuanji's perplexing, though.
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User Info: Taterzz

4 months ago#10
guan yu. everybody seems be slobbin his knob moreso than any other general, especially when he gets more kids every single iteration. and that's all on top of even the goddamn aliens taking notice of him.
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