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User Info: Koncreet95

3 years ago#11
Wolf Kage posted...
What about Lu Bu????

DW2 - Zhao Yun
DW3 - Lu Bu
DW3 XL - Lu Bu
DW4 - Lu Bu
DW4 XL - Lu Bu
DW5 - Zhao Yun
DW5 XL - Gan Ning
DW6 - Zhao Yun
DW7 - Zhao Yun
DW7 XL - Wang Yi
DW8 - Zhao Yun
DW8 XL - Lu Bu
DW8 Complete Edition - Lu Bu

Like Relinquished said, Guan Ping on 5XL.

To add onto this:
4 Empires: Zhao Yun/Xiahou Dun/Gan Ning
DW PSP: Gan Ning/Zhenji
DW Advance: Sun Ce
5 Empires: Guan Yu/Zhang Liao/Sima Yi/Zhuge Liang
DW PSP2: Xingcai
DWDS: Those one lame dudes based on gods
6 Empires: Sun Jian/Liu Bei/Cao Cao/Yueying/Cao Pi/Ling Tong
Strikeforce: Zhao Yun
Strikeforce 2: Zhao Yun/Sun Shangxiang/Jiang Wei/Daqiao
Next: Zhao Yun
VS: Cao Pi/Sun Shangxiang/Zhao Yun/Wang Yuanji
7 Empires: Xu Shu
8 Empires: Xun Yu
Godseekers: Zhao Yun

The spin-offs are more varied but Zhao Yun has definitely been on the most covers, being on a total of 11 covers. 12 if we're counting DW1, but that had every DW1 character on it (though Zhao Yun is prominently featured in the center).
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User Info: aakaido

3 years ago#12
Yea it's quite annoying to me that they have 90 characters yet he's the only featured on the cover of most games and is the central character is every opening movie of each game as well. Like how and why was Zhao Yun on the cover of DW7 marketably accepted when that was the game they expanded into the Jin era storyline, which was the main and new feature of that game? It'd be different if he was a was someone extremely important to the story of the game, say like the actual rulers of the three kingdoms, but his most important is saving a baby that Liu Bei apparently didn't want lol (thinking of the baby throwing scene). Cao Cao should have definitely had his own solo cover seeing there is no three kingdoms era without him initiating it with him leading the way in beating Dong Zhuo, Yuan Shu, and Yuan Shao.
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