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User Info: Perkolator

11 months ago#1
I've been lurking on this board for a while, but finally decided to make an account once I saw the reaction to this game. I felt like I needed to give an honest opinion of this title as the Warriors games are one of, if not my favorite series (started with DW3 back when I was a wee lad). I'll try to keep it short and to the point for those of you who are on the fence about the game.(It's still kinda long...)

Gameplay: The new combo system does not bother me, but would I prefer the old one? Yes. I liked the charge system and it's something I've come to expect from a Warriors title. This new system does not bother me in the sense that, essentially, I am still just mashing buttons in both systems. Because I am not accustomed to the new setup, sometimes I don't feel as in control, but I believe with time I'll get used to it. Both systems have their strengths and flaws, but the charge system is simply more familiar at this point.
I do not like open world games for the most part, especially those that tack an open world into a title because it is the "cool" thing to do *cough* FFXV *cough*. The open world in this game adds nothing to the Warriors experience. Thankfully, you can fast travel to almost every mission objective, so it cuts down on travel time, but this brings into question the purpose of the open world in the first place. I get the whole freedom and exploration aspects, but dammit I just want to kill peons! I would have preferred this game to not have an open world, but something akin to Spirit of Sanada or DQH2, where we have the instanced battles, but side exploration areas. I will say, that at its core, this game is indeed a Warriors game and if you play it correctly (this means completing all side objectives, not using the grappling hook to break the game, play on hard difficulty(as a side note, seriously, hard should be the normal setting. Normal is too easy) you get glimpses of that large battle field feel. For example, completing all side objectives typically moves your forces to the final objective where the culmination of the entire chapter plays out and it can feel epic, as long as you don't just grapple your way to the boss and solo him. But on hard mode, I actually need to fight some dudes and lower their morale to take on the boss even when I severely over level them (for now, usually you get OP in these games at some point).
You will have to gimp yourself or pretend their is no grappling hook in some parts of the game to get that Warriors experience which is just bad design. All things considered, I have fun playing this game but I would have enjoyed a traditional Musou game more.

Voice Acting: English voice acting is bad. I much preferred the direction that the past games were moving in. But, I do enjoy making fun of the awkward voices and overall campyness of the dub. It is actually laughable that Koei and the voice actors themselves thought this was OK. Like I imagine them hearing the lines and being like: "Hmmmm, yes, that was exactly what we were going for!" I know the reality is that Koei doesn't care and the voice direction was terrible, but it is good for few laughs. I exclusively play in English to get a good laugh. This is DW after all, voice acting has never been their strong point.

Story/Scenes: The story is the same old same old we've come to know and love with a bit more emphasis at certain points. I think the character stories are done well and I enjoy following them (even though I've been through this with every other game). But the damn story scenes. The action scenes look good, but the talking bits are straight bad. Between the voice acting and the robotic character movements, these scenes are unintentionally hilarious.

I can say if you enjoy the Warriors games, you CAN have fun with this one, but you will constantly think how it could have been better. If you do not enjoy the Warriors games, you probably will not have fun with this at all.

User Info: Fried

11 months ago#2
Blind fanboy.

User Info: PokemonYoutube

11 months ago#3
The English dub makes me believe that lizard people are real, because whoever voiced that dialogue and whoever approved of it clearly have no idea what actual human beings sound like when they speak.
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