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  3. Are you done with the series now?

User Info: Fried

1 year ago#1
Are you done with the series now after how disappointing the game is? Framerate is bad and lots of bugs and glitches.

User Info: Billy Trance

Billy Trance
1 year ago#2
The game is not even officially out yet. Besides, do you know how many patches the Wticher 3 got to become such great game?

User Info: Nadster

1 year ago#3
I haven't played it yet. However, I still believe that it is good. Just give Koei time to patch it.
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User Info: brolynick

1 year ago#4
I'll stick around for the spin-off games. Getting Hyrule Warriors on Switch and hoping for a Pirate Warriors 4 announcement soon

User Info: AMX004Matilda

1 year ago#5
Probably not considering i play alot of bethseda games.
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User Info: OverlordsWrath

1 year ago#6
Not had a chance to play yet, but no. This is my favourite series, i still imagine i will enjoy playing the game, even if thats not the case which i doubt i will still be keeping an eye out for future releases.

I mean i didnt really like 6 but still put a lot of time into it and am still playing these games. It would take alot to turn me away from this game never mind the series as a whole.

User Info: Raiden243

1 year ago#7
It takes more than that for me to be done with a series. So no, I'm enjoying DW9 and won't deny it's technical issues and bugs, but Koei Tecmo f***ed up and should have tested their game before releasing it.

User Info: Locklan

1 year ago#8

I mean if you were expecting perfection(or anything remotely close to it) from dynasty warriors it’s a ‘you’ problem. I fully admit this game is a mess but I’m feeling no regret for purchasing it, but yeah nothing works right.

If you’re a long time fan with reasonable expectations it will work for most I think. If you’re not a fan, stay away, this game is not for you.
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User Info: IWasLeft2Die

1 year ago#9
Let's be real, most games nowadays (unfortunately so), come out with lots of things that need patches almost immediately after release. I'd say judge the game after a few months to get a more accurate picture of the game in comparison to other DW games. I feel the same really ought to go for most games besides games with pretty blatantly bad design choices (looking at you No Man's sky).

User Info: TheHefHugs

1 year ago#10
Probably not done with the series but DW9 will be a disgusting black mark for this series. Literally nothing in this game is an improvement over 8.
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