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User Info: Fried

1 year ago#1
Might get this eventually when they patch the framerate.

How bad is DW8 exactly?

User Info: HanbeiKliesen

1 year ago#2
Not bad, just 7.20 with more characters and movesets really

Oh and its the only DW to not have clones so...
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User Info: Raiden243

1 year ago#3
It’s what DW7 should have been.

User Info: Fried

1 year ago#4
Will I like it if I only played Hyrule Warriors and Pirate Warriors 3?

I see that DW8 is one of those games where fans liked at first but started realizing the flaws later on.

User Info: psyco2007

1 year ago#5
Raiden243 posted...
It’s what DW7 should have been.

My only argument is that I feel DW7 handles the Jin story better. But other than that I agree that it is an improvement over 7 in every way.

User Info: qwertyMrJINX

1 year ago#6
It's not "bad," it's just not great. The game's biggest selling point is that there are no cloned move-sets, but in doing so, a lot of the de-cloned move-sets feel half-baked, and as such, a lot of the cast just aren't fun to play as.

The story mode is both better and worse than 7's. Better in that you aren't restricted to a single character per stage, and certain actions can change the outcome of the story. Worse in that the story just isn't told as well as 7. It's not as compelling.

The combat system has needlessly added a Rock/Paper/Scissors element system. Every weapon you get will be either Heaven, Earth, or Man element, where Heaven beats Earth, Earth beats Man, and Man beats Heaven. You carry 2 weapons with you, and can switch between them freely. If your weapon has an advantage against the enemy, then hitting them enough will activate a "Frenzy" attack, where you just mash the attack button to deal as much damage as you can, while the enemy is helpless. If your weapon is at a disadvantage, then the enemy gets super armor, and won't flinch from your attacks (you still deal damage, though). This system was over-all annoying and seemingly only existed to force players to use the weapon switching mechanic.
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User Info: nbjjago

1 year ago#7
It's better than dw7 and dw9.
I'd say the best one since dw4

User Info: Tyko

1 year ago#8
I'll start with saying I enjoy 8 quite a bit. But I'm not a mindless Koei fan so I'm also not blind to its flaws.


Unique movesets all around. Their quality is debatable, personally I feel most moves are quite viable and fun.

Movesets are complete from 7, adds 1 musuo for everyone, adds 1 charge attack per weapon, jump attacks, some edited charges for charcaters (Xiaoqiao for example), and an extra EX move per character.

Free Mode returns.

Campaign less cohesive then 7, but What-Ifs adds some replay and actual new stories (all are poorly written but they tried...). Plus they add more characters to play as per stage.

Better costumes then 7.


Artificial difficulty may be at its worst here, especially with siege weapons in stages.

Flame Bow and Wingblades...

Wu story is pretty boring this game.

Ambition Mode is pretty boring, only worth slogging through want Red Hair.

Fire attacks cause laggggg.

Weapon attribute building is fun at first, until you realize it's only viable in Chaos-Ultimate to have Slash, Jubilation, Roar, Cyclone, and Velocity on every weapon.

Either Or:

Stage design is inconsistent. Early Jin is pretty bad but latter half picks up. Same feeling with Shu.

AI is odd...most of the time troops are Musou fodder but officers are either the same or they fight back unexpectedly (Guan Suo in the final Jin historical stage for example). Allies have a weird rubber band effect: if enemy morale is higher they can't do s*** while if your side has the higher morale they tear through almost unfairly quickly.

Rock-Paper-Scissor mechanic is...odd. Somestimes annoying, other times you hardly notice it.

Overall, it's my 3rd favorite DW game, but it tends to have same issues with othee modern Warriors games but has some nifty things in this package.

User Info: Godly_Kongming

1 year ago#9

Yes 9 is that bad
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User Info: Lord Blade

Lord Blade
1 year ago#10
Yes 9 is that bad

Instead of just saying it's bad, maybe you could explain exactly why you think it's bad?
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