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1 month ago#11
Illuminoius posted...
this show had 160 episodes and a movie
180 counting Future.

User Info: nomregroundhogs

1 month ago#12
Yeah, it mostly got to tell a complete story (with plenty of filler along the way) which is about the most you can ask for. People complain about the way CN aired the show, and it’s justified, but the most important thing is they made it.

User Info: Toonstrack

1 month ago#13
I dropped off midway through S3, largely due to the long hiatuses. I dont know how it ended and probably will check it out at some point but the show was def too Steven centric in its earlier seasons, no idea if things changed. As someone who loves side character episodes in general, they never had the impact ai felt they should have had at times snd I feel like thats largely because of Steven needlessly being there as opposed to any of the other gems or anything.

User Info: Jeff AKA Snoopy

Jeff AKA Snoopy
1 month ago#14
Watching them all in a row when they were all complete was wonderful. My wife and I did the series earlier this year. Wonderful.

User Info: Jangobadass

1 month ago#15
A little both. Nice long run and a conclusion (heck two of them).
BUT CN really messed them up with the hiatuses and bombs.
And I heard a nasty rumor that the cap they put on it was why "Change Your Mind" was crammed and rushed and "Future" was meh with an underwhelming climax.

User Info: thekingoftown

1 month ago#16
McMarbles posted...
Six seasons and a movie. More than Cougartown got.

RIP Community

I'm so glad The Cheat is not dead

User Info: manmouse

1 month ago#17
A and B

If given more time and a structured schedule without obscene hiatuses, it could have dealt with a lot of the things that continue to stand out as flaws.

However, the team didn’t do themselves any favors by spending so much time on episodes about about the most trivial crap that aim to teach the most basic morals. Like there’s so much time that could’ve been spent on fleshing out the world and characters but at all the worst moments we’d just get a block of episodes about how it’s nice to share candy.

That, and a lot of the biggest flaws involve characterization of the diamonds and such, which are purely the fault of the creative team rather than the funding or production time they had.

User Info: Jangobadass

1 month ago#18

Aye, there's the rub. CN dicked SU like they do all their shows except Teen Titans Go...but there are still flaws that would be there even without the hiatuses and meddling.

We'd still get increasingly worthless fillers about townies that add NOTHING to the story instead of episodes--or at least some scenes--that actually did.
We'd still the plot f***ing Pink Diamond reveal that ruins part of the story and some characters. (It's made even worse that Sugar claims she planned it FROM THE START! 😱 Surely she could've found a better way to do it. 😵)
We'd still get that BS "there are no real villains" mandate when a number of Gems had spent their lives--whole millennia at that--committing various wrongs. The worst offenders, of course, being the Diamonds for reasons I don't think I need to go into.

So yeah, CN treated them pretty bad...but there would've still been some glaring flaws regardless...

User Info: marc55

1 month ago#19
i still think steven shouldve been shown acepting his mother changed

thats why i hated Future they showed steven furious at the kind of person his mother was thousands of years ago but never once was steven shown realizing his mother changed just like he did
his mother was convinced gems couldnt change and that was something unique to humans

but she changed and i didnt like how it was completely ignored by steven
There is no sound, no voice, no cry in all the world that can be heard... until someone listens.

User Info: tvmasterdoodles

1 month ago#20
If they knew what the f*** reruns were this wouldn’t be an issue at all.
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