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User Info: rustmonx

1 month ago#1
It's all pretty bad parodies of other TV shows or movies with the same stupid edgy jokes added in. the fact that the writers seem to try to use 'being dirty' instead of fresh jokes. This cartoon is plain dumb. If you're looking for the witty humor found in other animated shows like Aqua Teen Hunger Force or even Futurama, you wont find it here. The characters are very over-the-top. The worst is the blatantly, un-funny grab for attention known as Six. The show describes her as "the hottest, attractive and most advanced android ever created. Tripping the Rift wants to do raunchy jokes, but it doesn't understand the first thing about comedy.

Tripping the Rift Intro


User Info: StewieGriffin23

1 month ago#2
I only know about the show through TV Tropes, but from what I've read on their "Unsympathetic Comedy Protagonist" and "All Adult Animation is South Park" pages, it sounds incredibly dumb.
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User Info: Muscle Buster

Muscle Buster
1 month ago#3
Saw one episode of this back in the day. Which was one episode too many.
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User Info: DaBlackGamer

1 month ago#4
Tripping the Rift was one of those rare series that I will come back to Sy-Fy and the show was funny, it felt like a Aqua Teen Hunger Force in space show. Hard to believe Sy-Fy killed it, guess the ratings was lower for their liking to pull the trigger.
Sex the Android was the highlight of the show but then again, she's eye candy.
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User Info: Black_Arch

1 month ago#5
I agree that Futurama does the premise better, even the post-cancellations seasons do, which aren't as good as the stuff before it.

I don't remember this show too well but I remember the robot girl had big t***. That's about it.
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Also remembered that the robot girl had two different voice actresses (Gina Gershon for season 1, Carmen Elektra for season 2)
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User Info: toadfan64

1 month ago#7
I remember enjoying this a bit as a kid.
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User Info: creativerealms

1 month ago#8
Chuck Austin made this.he is my most hated comic book writers. He write the absolute worst run of the X-Men ever and I will never forgive him for that. And yet in later years he stopped writing started being more behind the scenes and started working on many pretty good modern cartoons I really like.
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User Info: ju_mu

4 weeks ago#9
It wasn't particularly good, but compared to sy-fys most recent attempts at animation this show is rick and morty in comparison to magical girl friendship squar and whatever that animal show was.
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