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  3. What do you think of the argument - "It's for kids"?

User Info: Upendi1000

5 years ago#1
Often when a cartoon or movie aimed at a younger audience gets criticized by someone not in the age group, one argument is that their opinion holds no water because it's for kids, so it doesn't matter if the cartoon/movie is "bad" or not. As long as kids enjoy it, that's what matters.

Do you agree with this argument, or do you think it's just a way to invalidate someone's opinion?
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User Info: ModestJ

5 years ago#2
The way I see it, if it's for kids that just means everybody can watch it.
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User Info: WindMouseHanpan

5 years ago#3
Strongly disagree. Just because it's "for kids" doesn't excuse lackluster writing and minimal effort. See: Hey Arnold, Rocko's Modern LIfe, pre-movie Spongebob, Animaniacs, etc. for older examples of shows that, thanks to the effort put into them, are still remembered fondly to this day. 15 or 20 years from now, I'm sure Adventure Time (at least the earlier seasons), Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, etc will be remembered in the same way, while trash like Breadwinners will become the new Rocket Power.

Just because kids will watch anything put in front of them, doesn't mean you should put in minimal effort. If your cartoon lasts throughout the ages and is enjoyed by many age groups, it will benefit you all the more in the end.
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User Info: Sephiroth C Ryu

Sephiroth C Ryu
5 years ago#4
Strong disagree.

You can have decent variety in humor and quality of appearance without losing the child audience.

And I would quite prefer less low-hanging fruit attempts simply for the fact that too much of the junk may condition kids to only enjoy cheap "lol random" humor in the long run. It is annoying to deal with people like that when you meet them in real life for a reasonably extended period of time.

Also, the "oh, its for kids" argument treats children as being stupider than they generally are (its more that they are naive than actually dumb). It doesn't help either that any time a kid (particularly theirs) does something "smart" or "creative" people will be all amazed over it, as though it is unusual for a kid to be able to do what just about any kid can and likely has done.
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  3. What do you think of the argument - "It's for kids"?
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