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  3. If Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny were to have a Death Battle.

User Info: Krio Lv3

Krio Lv3
8 years ago#1
Who do you think would win? Assuming that both get all sources of games and shows and power ups that do not require outside help, and of course both would also have cartoon physics making each tough to kill. Mickey would have both his Paint Brush from Epic Mickey and his Keyblade from Kingdom Hearts, while Bugs would have all sort of his plot hacks and "Behind the Back" arsenal of weapons that come from him being mainly a slap stick hero.
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User Info: Endgame

8 years ago#2

I mean, come on, the guy owned nazis
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User Info: Captain_Sorzo

8 years ago#3
Mickey wouldn't stand a chance. Even if he somehow started to get the upper hand, Bugs would just declare war and swiftly defeat him.
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User Info: EricDent1

8 years ago#4
Plus Buggs was a Superman like character in one short.
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User Info: red255

8 years ago#5
stop selling mickey short. Bugs may have defeated his enemies with plot level trolling, but mickey has no enemies.

Bugs wins by trolling his adverseries because they are idiots. mickey cannot be trolled.

Mickey has all the rated G immunites to damage as well. bugs has weaknesses. Mickey does not.

No mickey would not kill bugs if he stayed in character. can't. rated G. but bugs stands no chance of doing anything to mickey whereas mickey can do things to bugs.
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User Info: Skandrae

8 years ago#6
Old school Mickey is basically a slightly less annoying Bugs.
Modern mickey....ehhh, idk.

But Mickey with all his powerups gets the wand from Fantasia too.
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User Info: McMarbles

8 years ago#7
It's not even a fight.

Bugs pwnd the entire state of Florida.
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User Info: name_unknown

8 years ago#8
Mickey gets the magic brush that can erase cartoons and Bugs gets a pencil/brush like when he tormented Daffy in Duck Amuck. That is essentially a stalemate. Bugs only loses when he throws the first punch and Mickey is too nice to hit first so it could be a Cecil situation where Bugs beats himself. I would like to think that Bugs is still clever enough to win.

User Info: GGuirao13

8 years ago#9
Bugs Bunny.
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User Info: MGH1

8 years ago#10
Bugs Bunny, no contest. Mickey has mostly spent his existence being shown as a bland nice guy inoffensive politically correct family friendly company logo.

That is his image and as a result you never the impression he could ever stand up against Bugs.
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