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User Info: its_matt

2 years ago#1
Anyone know how it sold on Switch?

User Info: syaoran-kun

2 years ago#2
Seen a couple of videos of Playeressence on youtube about e-shop sales and it was not among the top 15 I believe in all of those. Not really surprising though...

- original version got mauled in reviews and on Youtube and they did fix a lot of stuff with patches, but the damage has been done when it comes to the public image of the game
- 40 bucks release price at launch, while at the same it was 20 or less on competing systems at that time. Some of us, myself included, are waiting for a similar price drop
- no physical version which quite a few people are waiting for
- the cancelling of the Wii U version and having to wait for this long on the Switch version pissed off a lot of people...

^ there's more, but this game was quite the PR disaster >.<

Couldn't find any concrete info myself, but everything points to it not having done well.

Edit: this all I could find about sales on Eshop: http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2018/01/nintendo_reveals_the_top_30_best_selling_digital_games_on_switch_in_2017

It's not on any of the top 30 seller lists of last year atleast.
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