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  3. Anyone's Limited Run Games order ship yet?

User Info: SwordKirby123

1 year ago#21
Mine arrived today as well.

speed-sword posted...
helldew posted...
i got mine yesterday also lol at the typo on the back...

What's the typo?

The grammar is a pretty wonky and they used the original romanization for ファクト instead of Fact (original used 'uk' in place of 'ac' as the middle letters) as used in the localization. They use Fact in the artbook though.

I guess the back was originally used for one of the Japanese editions, or marketing or something; it would explain both the wonky English and the romanization.

User Info: Nyghtwynd

1 year ago#22
Odd I thought I replied.
Mine just arrived today, the Vita version of the CE anyways.
PS4 normal and limited are still in the mail
-Member of the Gamer Advisory Panel~PSN: Nyghtwynd~

User Info: ninkendo

1 year ago#23
Just finished the Platinum. Glad to finally have played through this game completely. Back on steam I only bothered to finish Yunica's game and that was it.

User Info: deprofundis442

1 year ago#24
Of all the time I've been buying from Limited Run, this is the first time I've had screw ups from them. I ordered the PS4 version, but once I was notified on shipping, it said VITA. They told me it was too late to fix it and I could try seeing if anybody wanted to trade, but I decided to keep the vita version and order the asian ps4 version instead.

They said something about shipping on the 13th or 15th of October, but now it's November and the tracking number they gave me says mine hasn't even been shipped yet. It's kinda weird.
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