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razkal 4 years ago#1
Can't seem to connect.

Saw leaderboards earlier.
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ACmaster37 4 years ago#2
Yeah, I can't really connect to any matches either. The online works fine, but the matchmaking takes forever to find an opponent. I think I've only played like one match per hour of searching..
Anyone have a workaround for this?
Maddux 4 years ago#3
I noticed that the leader board only has 7000 users. I think that's the total user base for this game.

Not to be cynical, but sometimes I think I should be buying the PS4 versions of games for this reason.

I choose any region and rank when searching and I usually have a lot more luck. But it's still generally a 2 minute to 10 minute wait for a match.
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Casper_1197 4 years ago#4
It was a long wait yesterday to get a match.
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