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  3. Although I enjoyed it, my hype for Part III is next to none

User Info: andrew34

3 weeks ago#1
While I enjoyed the game, the story and how it left off has me not really looking forward at all for the next installment. Very reminiscent of watching the Last Jedi for the first time.

User Info: chrisat928

3 weeks ago#2
Of course it is. There less than no information about a part 3.

As soon as they release a first look, a teaser video whatever, the hype will go through the roof.

User Info: OverlordDeath

3 weeks ago#3
chrisat928 posted...
As soon as they release a first look, a teaser video whatever, the hype will go through the roof
Given the fact that this has nowhere close to the universal acclaim the first game had, and never will, this is highly doubtful.

User Info: Jtenka

3 weeks ago#4
It has a tonnes of universal acclaim. The issue is people who dont like it cry the loudest and are the ones all over the boards and Metacritic.

Of the several million sales the large large majority will have loved it and buy a 3rd instalment.

I personally agree with all of the professional reviews. I don't have any political agenda either. I just played the game. Enjoyed it. And saw them as just people. It wasn't until after when I came online to read that I saw the minority complaining.
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User Info: Gwyns_Beard

3 weeks ago#5
I loved it to death, one of my favourites. Played 1 twice and have replayed the game on survivor and am now beginning a third run for trophy purposes. I really love it.

I agree. I have no desire for a part three. I think in time we will see one, but I don't think that world needs delved into any more. However, there absolutely is space for more Ellie and Tommy character exploration and it wouldn't just be an empty, hollow cash grab.

Think what you want about this game, but it does at least try to talk about stuff. It may not land for you, but there was definitely an attempt. It would have been easy, safe and lame to do the Ellie and Joel victory lap that so many people seem to have wanted.
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User Info: MoJoTuck

3 weeks ago#6
Ellie and Abby will end up meeting up in order for them both to search to find a doctor that can perform the surgery Abby's father intended. This time Ellie is given agency over her own life. Abby and Ellie endure the marathon challenges and travails put upon the champions until they find a suave and debonair doctor (male) that both Ellie (she's pansexual) and Abby fall in love with. Then Ellie has to decide her own fate.

What will happen next TLOUS'ers? Only the SNIZZATCH knows.
Tune in next time.
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User Info: DarcKage

3 weeks ago#7
No Joel, the heart of the series.
Ellie's character ruined.
Abby and Lev are terrible unlikeable characters.

Of course there's nothing to look forward to.
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User Info: Yuji Kaido

Yuji Kaido
3 weeks ago#8
Lol. I didn't even want this sequel and it was bad. Asking me to get behind another game starring Lev and Abby who both have 0 charisma or any type of engaging character traits is laughable.
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User Info: Lyrica

3 weeks ago#9
It won't be years before a part 3 anyway.

User Info: Deanyzy

3 weeks ago#10
The execution of the story is poorly done but the concept and the ideas within it are truly excellent, the writers just couldn't pull it off well enough.

That being said, after playing the game, I wish ND never created a sequel since the original had a perfect ending and after playing TLOU2's story, I don't think it justifies removing the ambiguity of the original's ending. I don't think I'll care about TLOU3 but then again, that might change when it's announced in a few years time.
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  3. Although I enjoyed it, my hype for Part III is next to none
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