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  3. How would you improve the story? (spoilers)

User Info: jdclanc11

3 days ago#1
How would you improve the story?

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User Info: Batsman5

3 days ago#2
All of these choices could be executed in some manner. Saving Joel's death for a later scene when Abby is PROPERLY developed, Have Abby's origin be the prologue, and give the player the OPTION to kill Abby.

User Info: Dog_Cerberus

3 days ago#3
I think killing Abby would fix most people's problem with the ending, along with giving Ellie a slightly less miserable fate. But still wouldn't have been good, I think. This needs a rewrite. But I can't be bothered to think of a decent one.

User Info: EpicJourney

3 days ago#4
  • Open the game with the flashback of Joel telling Tommy about what happened, then follow it up with the flashback to Joel killing Jerry. Get rid of the surprise reveal that Abby and friends are former Fireflies.
  • After Joel is killed, have Ellie and Abby's campaigns run concurrently with each other. We play though Ellie's version of Seattle Day 1, then we play through Abby's. We do Ellie's Seattle Day 2, we do Abby's, etc.
  • Have Abby be introspective about what happened. Have her weigh in her mind the Joel that killed her dad with the Joel that saved her life and wonder if it was worth it.
  • After Ellie's encounter with Nora; have Ellie seriously debate if she's still willing to keep going considering how shaken up she was.
  • Have the theater fight be the climax of the game, with the player getting to choose who they play as.
  • Have the fight end with either:
  1. The same way it actually did, while also having a version of Ellie beating Abby and Dina stopping her from finishing it if you play as Ellie.
  2. Neither of the girls are winning the fight, just brutalizing each other until Dina and Lev get them to stop.
  • Put the epilogue of the game here. Ellie is living on the farm with Dina and JJ while Abby is looking for the Fireflies with Lev. Both are at peace with where they are, but not entirely happy. Ellie has to live with the fact that she couldn't avenge Joel's death and lost Jesse in the process while Abby has to live with the fact that her quest for revenge got her friends killed.
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User Info: boxington

3 days ago#5
option # 1
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User Info: lilhurk1985187

3 days ago#6
Fire Druckmann
Save Joel
Kill Abby
Change that trash ending where Ellie loses everything
No controversy
Make thing game non Canon
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User Info: WingZero0782

3 days ago#7
lilhurk1985187 posted...
Fire Druckmann
Save Joel
Kill Abby
Change that trash ending where Ellie loses everything
No controversy
Make thing game non Canon
Don't play as Abby.
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User Info: walterwhite23

3 days ago#8
Make the players more intelligent.

User Info: G1ingy

3 days ago#9
1) If Joel dies, fine. But make it fit his character. Joel was smart enough to figure out the bandit pretending to be hurt was just a trap, he was smart enough to easily figure out where Ellie was with just two prisoners. And he was competent enough to kill a small army's worth of bandits. Him just dying like...this? f*** no.

2) Give us the option to kill Abby. Like real God of War Kratos-killing-Poseidon-style.

User Info: angolmoa

3 days ago#10
so much hate for so little.you most have fun lives.
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