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  3. What is your single biggest gripe with TLoU2?

User Info: DG1979

1 week ago#21
They could have given us some context to Abbys motivations at the start of the game.

But what happened to Joel isn't them main thing that put me off calling this game an all time great. It was the deaths in general.

I felt more for what happened to side characters like Tess and Sam in the first game than I did for maybe even Joel in this game. TLOU also had moments like with Ellie and Joel in the farmhouse and Joel grabbing Ellie while he was attacking David. Nothing in this game made me feel the same. I will give it another playthrough and see i I change my mind.

Maybe we have been spoiled with great stories in recent years that you expect everything to be perfect. There are far worse games out there but for me it is good but not perfect.

User Info: SimPanssi76

1 week ago#22
It looks like there are not many persons who think the biggest plot hole is the vaccine. I'm one of them. I already thought this when I finished the first game almost 7 years a go (and this of course influences the events in part II too). It's unrealistic to think that using Ellie (which would kill her) would 100% make a vaccine that works. It doesn't work that way that you can have a vaccine ready waiting for the last ingredient and it would 100% work after adding that. If I remember correctly there is a conversation where Joel said something that made me thinking that may be Joel sees it also that way but it was only my assumption from what he said. So my point is that there is no way killing Ellie would have meant a 100% working vaccine. At least this is what I think, I'm not a doctor or a scientist so I have limited understanding. So Ellie could have died in vain. The characters in these 2 games discuss this vaccine thing like it was to be 100% sure that the vaccine would work if Ellie was used. It's unrealistic, and the game tries to be realistic in many ways so this is my main gripe with game (like the 1st game).

Abby's side of the story is a bit messy in some parts, but I didn't hate it. Well, at start I didn't like to play as her because what she did (not that she killed Joel, but how she did it), but that feeling went a way after 3-4 hours. I liked her side of the story at the end a lot, and I'm happy that both are alive after the ending.
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User Info: kewldude475

1 week ago#23
That we didn’t spend more time in Santa Barbara.

User Info: FBI9111

1 week ago#24
Not alternating the Seattle days. Such a tease to get to that point and then play 10 hours as Abby.
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User Info: Serioussam

1 week ago#25
bad gameplay

User Info: Northlane

1 week ago#26
The presentation of the narrative

Abby the character

The ending
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User Info: LowFatSardine

1 week ago#27
They should have had the Abby campaign before Ellie’s and it would have been a much better experience. Trust.
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User Info: FBI9111

1 week ago#28
Serioussam posted...
bad gameplay

True. Also bad graphics. Bad voice acting. Bad glitches. The game was basically broken.
You serve one god, Damphair, but I have served ten thousand. From Ib to Asshai, when men see my sails, they pray. - Euron Greyjoy

User Info: VSH

1 week ago#29
BrownPack posted...
My gripe is just how exploration works in the game. They give you many paths to take at times, and if you screw up and take the designated story path, you can get locked and can't go back, thus missing out on very useful loot or weapons. That's literally my only complaint. I find the story to be absolutely find and the ending perfect.

Yes! This is my only complain! Man, in my second run I am saving like crazy due this.
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User Info: bae99

1 week ago#30
its the reception. people usually are really indulgent with narrative in video-games
like there is a lot of characters in this game and even mel that doesn't have a lot of screen has more development than sully in the entire uncharted series.
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