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  3. What is your single biggest gripe with TLoU2?

User Info: rzxv04

1 week ago#11
I miss joel and 1 more infected unique boss fight would've been amazing.

User Info: Anitathequeen

1 week ago#12
no mp or extra skins for this 10/10 game

User Info: chrisat928

1 week ago#13
The internet.

User Info: whitehawk1986

1 week ago#14
Abby. I get what they were going for, but it did not land with me at all. Her campaign just felt like a complete waste of my time.
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User Info: TheOtherMike

1 week ago#15
My single biggest gripe is pacing and structure. The shift to Abby and 3-day rewind was a bit jarring. I did enjoy her segment, but it took me a while to settle in after the perspective shift. I saw another user say they hated starting over with new skill trees and weapon upgrades, which I agree with but it only slightly bothered me. The last few chapters kind of drag on, and the game feels like it wanted to end at the first farmhouse sequence but then changed its mind.

Other complaints:

I loved Downtown Seattle and was disappointed there weren't more big open areas like it elsewhere in the game. Why would they only put in one area like this? Seems like a new idea they should have incorporated more than once, map and all.

Some of the combat arenas are overly large, with entire rooms across the area that enemies never seem to patrol. I lost track of how many times I'd clear out the enemies in an area only to find the arena was twice the size I thought it was. It's been a while since I played the first game but I don't remember this happening so much in that one. It's not a huge deal but it feels like wasted space.

Overall I love the story, but there are definitely some eye-rolling plot contrivances. There are a lot of convenient coincidences (I'm looking at you, Abby, just stumbling upon the man you're looking for outside Jackson) and last-minute saves by your companions (also looking at you, Dina, as you shoot Mike through the skylight literally a split-second before he shoots Ellie. Also Lev saving Yara and Abby from the Seraphites). Some people say characters act out-of-character frequently, but personally the only one I see doing this is Tommy with his incessant flip-flopping and especially him trying to guilt trip Ellie into another go at Abby when Ellie has a family to prioritize. I just can't see Tommy being that big of a c***bite, even after he got f***ed up that bad. What's odd to me is I haven't seen any complaints about Tommy acting ooc, but he's really the only example. For all the complaints about Joel blindly trusting Abby and getting caught up with WLF I have to disagree. I don't think he blindly trusted anyone, it was just an impossible situation where the priority was not getting torn to shreds by a horde of runners. As soon as they get to the lodge he's obviously uncomfortable, but by then it's too late. It's very much like how Ellie had no choice but to work with David when a horde attacked them.

User Info: Batsman5

1 week ago#16
Killing off Joel too early when the flashbacks could've just been integrated into the story and improve the pacing, and having Abby's origin occur after Ellie's part.
Hell, Abby being impossible to sympathize with in general.

User Info: C Redfield

C Redfield
1 week ago#17
False Advertising

I'm doing this alone because the reason I wasted $60 is wormfood in two hours.
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User Info: gdogghenrikson

1 week ago#18
Hard to pick a single gripe, but plot armor Tommy is a big one

User Info: StevoTheOutlaw

1 week ago#19
BrownPack posted...
My gripe is just how exploration works in the game. They give you many paths to take at times, and if you screw up and take the designated story path, you can get locked and can't go back, thus missing out on very useful loot or weapons. That's literally my only complaint. I find the story to be absolutely find and the ending perfect.

This is mine.

User Info: WingZero0782

1 week ago#20
Anitathequeen posted...
no mp or extra skins for this 8/10 game

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