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According to the following site:


it indicates:
Farm - When planted in a Tree Plot or a Stone Tree Plot, the Wildoburr Tree will produce Heartwood and Sticks.

1) So, will it not produce these same things if planted in a Small Tree Planter instead?

A Small Tree Planter (1 tree - 2x2 size plot of farm land used) would seem like a more valuable space saver compared to the other two larger Tree Plots (2 trees - 3x3 plot of farm land used.) Obviously one would not want to use a Small Tree Planter if it won't produce these same goods though.

2) How long does it take in-game for a tree to go from planting seeds to a mature tree?

3) Also, if you cut any given tree down to a stump, will it grow back into a full size grown tree over time?

Wasn't sure if they do or not? If they do, does anyone know how long it takes for them to do so?
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