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sutree 1 month ago#1
I haven't.

Do you think they can be valuable? Has any self-help book made a change in your life?
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codey 1 month ago#2
I once read The War of Art which is a sort of self help book. It got me all jazzed up to write so I wrote my first published short story right after.

I think they can have some some value, but if my life was falling apart I wouldn't read one to see how I can fix things.
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l honestly think they are all scams. What could a 200+ page book tell you that a couple paragraph list couldn't?

Stuff like the Ramsey debt method l actually read a list on and applied that to pay off my debts. How would a book on that be better?
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Samuri 1 month ago#4
I read a bit of Jordan Petersons Rules for Life book.

It was not that interesting to me, I feel like it was catering to a very different type of person.
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DarkSymbiote 1 month ago#5
Yes, 'How to Win Friends and Influence People' by Dale Carnegie and Jordan Peterson's first self-help book. Those were good. I also tried Daniel Goleman's EQ book and that was quite poor.

Most of the genre is poopy, but you get gems here and there.
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Revenanced 1 month ago#6
I have read multiple self-help books. Here's the thing, one book won't change your life. But if you care enough you might apply one or two concepts that might impact how you currently do things. Consistency is the key, you won't pick up a Brene Brown or Carnegie book and instantly see a change. However, you might begin to notice your behavior or how you perform a certain task and realize that it isn't as good as you thought it was.
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animebop 1 month ago#7
Sometimes people need a little direction. Self-help books can refresh a person to try again and set a path for them. It can also be a good chance for introspection.
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Justice98405 1 month ago#8
If 10 Rules for Life by Jordan Peterson counts then yes. Awesome, informative, funny read. Feels like getting a peek behind the curtain of how mental therapy works. Still need to get his new book.

If that doesn't count I just started one that would for sure. The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. I don't usually look for or care about self help books but this one came to me under special circumstances. One of my best friends died the other day, and in talking about such things another one of my best friends recommended this Tolle guy. I watched some of his YouTube stuff and wasn't opposed to giving him a try. My friend offered to buy me the eBook and I chose this one.
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Taishi Ci CCR 1 month ago#9
Greg Gutfeld - The Plus

I started to read The Secret, but didn't finish it.
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kaioideiye 3 weeks ago#10
When I was in sales Think and Grow Rich was my bible. I recited pages of it the same way a bodybuilder would do reps of pushups or squats. It got very exhausting mentally...

Although thinking about it a bit more alot of the principles in the book have been ingrained into me. Theres alot of things I do subconsciously that I wouldn't be doing if it were not for this book. Most of it is just my thought process and finding and visualizing the most positive outcome for situations I am put in.
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