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ragnarokius 1 month ago#361
Cyberwrath posted...
Forgot to mention I started and finished The Shining over the past week. My second Stephen King book. Very enjoyable! I love the movie and I can definitely see why King has made comments in the past that he didn't really like Kubrick's adaptation as the movie is definitely less supernatural. Is Doctor Sleep worth reading? I haven't seen that movie either.

Also, for those of you who recommended I give The Stand a try... I know it kinda has something to do with a weaponized virus and a pandemic. How much does it go into this stuff? Due to the state of affairs today, I'm so exhausted with Covid-related news and just hearing the word pandemic still is agitating. The thought of reading a massive novel centering around this sounds horrible in 2021. But if it's just to set the stage for a larger story, I don't think I'd mind much.
I haven't read it in a while but I wanna say mostly just the beginning.. It's more setting the stage iirc.
doodles40 1 month ago#362
ragnarokius posted...
I haven't read it in a while but I wanna say mostly just the beginning.. It's more setting the stage iirc.

That's the way I remember it too but like you it's been a long time since I read it. It focuses more on good vs evil and less on the actual disease.

If you're looking for something shorter but still good I recommend The Green Mile. This is one of my favorite King books. Misery is another good one too. Both have been made into movies so you may already know the stories though.
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ragnarokius 1 month ago#363
I still suggest Bag of Bones. I think the parts you liked about 11/22/63 are more or less present in that one. I think it got a made for tv movie and it probably sucked but it was always one of my favorite King books for.. some reason. Idk why.

All the ones suggested though are good King books though, imo.
TomatoDragon 1 month ago#364
The virus just acts as the cause for the post-apocalyptic setting the book takes place in. It doesn’t really come up all that much after the start cause all the survivors are people who were immune to the virus.
pycho316 1 month ago#365
Cyberwrath posted...
Is Doctor Sleep worth reading? I haven't seen that movie either.

I liked Doctor Sleep more than The Shining, although I think that's probably a minority opinion. But I think it's definitely worth reading (and I haven't seen the movie yet either).

And everyone else has already answered but I'll agree with them all too. The virus is really just the catalyst that gets the story going in The Stand, but the book doesn't focus or dwell on it.
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Cyberwrath 1 month ago#366
Thanks everyone! Very helpful comments. I had asked for some King books for Christmas, and might be getting It, The Dead Zone, Pet Sematary, and/or The Long Walk.

But I'll definitely be considering Bag of Bones and The Stand in 2022.
I finished 'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire'. The immediate aspect I noticed was the more serious writing. I also noticed the smaller text as well as this book was fairly long.

It was interesting to have so much of the story dedicated to pre-Hogwarts events. And speaking of events, this one has had the most things happening with mutiple sub-plots interwining. I am very impressed in that regard. I did not expect those plot twists.

What I was not impressed with was Hermoine's activism. It came of as satire of a liberal (was that the intention?) And Ginny... I recall that she is eventually supposed to become Harry's wife but she hasn't played a major role since the second story. Every other Weasley has been more relevant than her.

But overall, I found this to be the best book in the series yet. I enjoyed the revelations and the air of looming evil gave the closure a more mature feel.
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Ilishe 1 month ago#368
Reading Pern. On book 2 atm. Seems okay.
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11/22/63 by Stephen King

About 300 pages in.. Really good so far..
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Wow! I kept meaning to post here and time just really, really got away from me.

I wanna cover what I've read and finished since Redemption by Will Jordan, aka The Critical Drinker.

Pure Invention, it's got a subtitle but I forget what it is. It's a nonfictionbook about how Japan took over the world culturally speaking in the years and decades and followed after WWII. It covers things like how Anime got started, Pokémon, the Walkman, etc. It was SUPER entertaining as I'm a fan of Japanese culture and play Nintendo games and enjoy my fair share of things that come from the land of the rising sun. It was also VERY informative about how much WWII truly devastated Japan as a country and this utterly amazing turnaround/comeback that happened afterwards. If this stuff at all peaks your interest I highly recommend it. I waited for an eBook sale but it would have been 100% worth full price.

Sacrifice, Ryan Drake book 2 from Will Jordan. Another solid and fun read. Built well upon the characters and foundation established in the first book.

Betrayal, Ryan Drake book 3 from Will Jordan. I'm getting closer to halfway done I think? Been enjoying this one too. Don't have book 4 yet so I'll most likely move to something else after, maybe a John Grisham book but I'll decide for sure when I'm closer.

I also just got a Kindle Paperwhite 2021 Edition the other day and I'm adjusting to it coming from my Fire HD8 I've been reading on everyday for the last....3-4 years? However long it's been. It's early on but I like it so far. I read in 'dark mode' on my Fire, where the background is black and the text is white. The Paperwhite I have can do this as well but I don't like the ultimate dimness of the white text, even with brightness all the way up. Also the Paperwhite is meant to simulate reading on real paper (I guess) and I like the look of the classic setup better. Brightness up a bit from default and just a couple notches of the 'warmth' option and the white background looks a bit more like..well...paper I guess. Lol.
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