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  3. So A Song of Ice and Fire is never going to be finished, right?

User Info: PresidentZaphod

3 months ago#61
GRRM is focused on finishing the Winds of Winter right now. My theory is that the series is a commentary about what's really going on in the world, so he had to let world events develop before he knew where WoW should go. I mean, the Second Coming is active on the Earth today so I suppose that's who Jon Snow is modeled after. But Krishna is active on the Earth today as well, and all the (at least the male) characters are just depictions of Krishna. Bran, Jon, Euron, Aegon (if he really is Aegon, probably one of the Blackfyres though), Tyrion, etc. I bet GRRM didn't expect Krishna when he started writing the series.

GRRM describes his writing style as gardening, where he just plants ideas and lets them develop. This necessitates a more lengthy process. And I'd expect that he can afford whatever medical treatment he needs to be able to finish a Dream of Spring. I believe the events that will be depicted in A Dream of Spring are currently unfolding in the real world so I'd expect him to be able to write that faster than Winds of Winter.
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User Info: the_old_days

3 months ago#62
Taishi Ci CCR posted...
GundamMonX posted...
"GRRM is not your *****" and "it's the journey, not the ending" is what people come up with to prevent buyer's remorse.

If we knew he would never finish it, and not have the work ethic necessary to finish it, nobody would've picked them up in the first place.

My theory isn't that he's terrified of backlash, it's that he's rich enough not to care.

Quoted for Truth.

That's the main reason I'll never read the books, (nor watch the show). He's rich. If he was poor and struggling to sell a few copies, so he could afford to put food on the table, he would certainly have finished the series by now. He doesn't care about his fans. It's that simple.

I’m not so sure he doesn’t care about his fans, but if you read about his career it’s pretty obvious he’s considered his career a series of disappointments with a few victories here and there, until the first ASoIaF book received critical success. But even then, it seems like he struggled to feel successful. And I think, ultimately, he valued remuneration as the ultimate parameter of success. A good example would be how he views his first stint as a teleplay writer for studios.

Then GoT hit HBO.

And now Hollywood is throwing out the red carpet for him, everyone wants his name attached to their project, people are paying him heaps of money just to function as a consultant on their projects, all his old novels and the like have received a lucrative second wind, old projects he abandoned are being resuscitated, Novellas he wrote decades ago are being made into TV shows, etc.

Dude is swimming in cash now and it has affected his work ethic regarding ASoIaF. He probably lost the muse that powered his earlier novels due to so much success and financial security.

Before GoT it was; I better finish this novel at some point or pretty soon here I won’t be able to pay my mortgage.

Now it’s; Should I buy a second property in Ireland? It doesn’t matter if I actually finish ASoIaF because I now have more money than I can actually spend before I die.

The urgency is gone.

I think he wants to please the fans, he genuinely wants to deliver the final two books, but human nature is taking over here.
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User Info: AndreLeGeant

3 months ago#63
He’s gonna have both done soon.
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