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User Info: DrugsRBad

5 months ago#1
I’m writing a novel and I need more info on Catholicism.. In particular, how a person can go from being an Altar Boy as a child and from there rise up in the ranks to Bishop or Cardinal (or even the Pope himself).

If anyone can recommend me any books at my library or useful articles online, I would really appreciate it :)

User Info: mp443556

5 months ago#2
Technically, any Catholic (male according to current law) can become pope. They just have to be chosen by the cardinals. Technically, to become a bishop (similarly with priest) one needs only be ordained by other bishops once there's an opening in the position. And to become a cardinal one really only needs to be ordained by the Pope. There's in some way an age requirement (25) and you'd need to be a priest, but the pope could probably waive those if he really wanted to. If you 'skip' a step in the process, you are immediately to become ordained in the lower positions.

In practice, it typically requires years of study, experience, making a name for oneself, etc. At least a four year degree for priests and a doctorate for bishops. Then you basically understudy for a time. Seniority is usually a plus.

See: Book Two of the 1983 Code of Canon Law (should be online somewhere) for more details on the technical laws. You want Part Two, "The Hierarchical Constitution of the Church". It's dense so you may prefer summaries instead.
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User Info: scar the 1

scar the 1
4 months ago#3
I would look to biographies of popes or something like that in addition to the above. And also talk to your local priest. I'm sure they would help.
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User Info: watertank

4 months ago#4
mp443556 posted...
At least a four year degree for priests and a doctorate for bishops

huh, did not know that

also is your name a reference to the grach?
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