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User Info: Spidey555

5 months ago#1
Getting in the mood for Halloween. Any scary monster books out there maybe similar to Aliens or The Thing? I love intense monster movies or books

User Info: Viggs

5 months ago#2
I thought the ritual was pretty scary
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User Info: Zora_Prince

5 months ago#3
Revival by Stephen King. Scariest book I've ever read. It might not resonate with everyone, but let's just say it touches upon my greatest fear.

Otherwise, Pet Semetary is other Stephen King book that genuinely disturbed me. It's a slow burn but absolutely worth it.
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User Info: WizardofHoth

5 months ago#4
The Taking by Dean Koontz'
any old 1980s Bantam book that involved evil children or actual monsters scaring people. Those are the best especially the ones where they have the holograms on the front cover

User Info: BoxxY2JosHBK

5 months ago#5
There was a book club on here last year and the second book was "the great God Pan". It's a short story but it would be right up your alley TC. But it should be said, a scary book is only as good as your imagination
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User Info: Taishi Ci CCR

Taishi Ci CCR
5 months ago#7
Zora_Prince posted...
Revival by Stephen King. Scariest book I've ever read.

I read the wiki on this. Damn. That would be some **** if that was true about Afterlife.
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User Info: itcheyness

5 months ago#8
They're short stories but...



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User Info: watertank

5 months ago#9
Don't know about monsters, but House of Leaves was the only book I read to give me a sense of panic and dread.

Also second those Lovecrafts ^^^
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User Info: coolsurfer800

4 months ago#10
Nothing scares me any more.
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