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User Info: PS2Gamer

1 year ago#1
No one ever made a new one?

I'm currently reading Michael Crichton's Dragon Teeth.
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User Info: Taishi Ci CCR

Taishi Ci CCR
1 year ago#3
Frank Herbert - Children of Dune.
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User Info: M1Astray

1 year ago#4
Oathbringer, then it'll be on to Discworlds Going Postal for a light break from epic fantasy.
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User Info: Chrono007

1 year ago#5
I'm going back through all the Drizzt books (reading Streams of Silver right now). I'm also about 25% of the way through Oathbringer.
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User Info: WizardofHoth

1 year ago#6
I'm re-reading Tom Clancy's Dead or Alive for the 2nd or third time.

User Info: watertank

1 year ago#7
The Fall of Hyperion

loved the first book
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User Info: 5tarscream

1 year ago#8
The Princess Bride
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User Info: pycho316

1 year ago#9
I was wondering where this topic went. I was looking for it a few days or a week ago.

Anywho, I've finished reading Red Planet a couple weeks ago by Robert Heinlein. I wanted to get into some more Heinlein for awhile now and I remember there was a Red Planet cartoon/animated show back in the 90s that I vaguely remembered so I figured the book would be worth reading. I enjoyed it quite a bit. It's almost like a prequel to Stranger in a Strange Land which I read a couple years ago.

I went back and rewatched the Red Planet cartoon on youtube after reading the book. The cartoon is actually pretty bad. It has very little in common with the book and is far inferior to the book.

I also finished off A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms about a week ago. This is a prequel to the ASOIAF books and follows Ser Dunk the Tall and his quire Egg (a young Aegon Targaryen) and takes place about 100 years before A Game of Thrones. Great book and I hope Martin does some more stories following these two.
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User Info: joemomma

1 year ago#10
The Shining.

I am reading it because I found a nice hard cover version of the sequel, Doctor Sleep, at a book store. I decided I should read the shining instead of watching the movie (which I don't remember much about) before I read Doctor Sleep.
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