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  3. Needed to understand V3's plot? (spoiler free)

User Info: Pika132

2 years ago#1
I picked up this game on Vita awhile back. While the wacky Danganronpa feel is definitely there, the Vita isn't very well-suited to third-person shooters. (Still an improvement over the PSP, though. I'm looking at you, MGS: Portable Ops.)

I recently grabbed the PS4 version and it plays a lot better. However, I also got V3 Killing Harmony for the Vita, which leads me to ask if I even need to play this game at all. Is Ultra Despair Girls crucial to appreciating any of the story elements in V3, or is it just a quick fix if I'm desperate for more Danganronpa?

I did complete both previous games on the Vita, as well as the light novel and magical girl minigame included with 2. The only things I'm missing from both games are completing the present lists (because grinding out Monocoins just isn't fun) and getting all the magical girl equipment.

Also, I tried looking on some of the other boards for both games to see if this game is needed to fully understand the plot of V3 and I saw posts saying to watch all three arcs of the new anime, but also that the anime follows the same events as the game???

BTW, in case you didn't see the thread title; no spoilers in replies, for V3 or this game. Thanks in advance.
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User Info: Zack_Attackv1

2 years ago#2
Not particularly. This is essentially a side-story.
Hell, the future arc of the anime only dedicated ONE episode for this game's characters and story.

User Info: Jimbowesker

2 years ago#3
Hey, yeah, there is a lot of different sources a wealth of history and lore to be found on Danganronpa. Here is what I have dug up. The films/anime do contain some of the same events that take place in the game and they also show more events and behind the scenes happenings that take place. If you are curious about which to grab here is my recommendation.

Unless you are just a diehard supporter or fan of the series (like me), you don't need to get Danganronpa 1 anime (the one with Makoto and Monokuma pictured on the front). All this film is cover the exact same things the 1st game does. Nothing changes.

As for the sequel, Danganronpa 3 Despair Arc, I would advise. Alot of the same things happen that also occur in the game but the little tidbits of info here and there and more events being shown for the first time bring certain grey areas to light about some of the events that are talked about in the game. There are a lot of huge scaled things that go down in this one so its a great source of info and knowledge.

Then there is also, Danganronpa 3: Future Arc. While personally, I recommend it, you don't HAVE to watch it. This covers the events that happen after the Hope's Peak Academy killings and will give you a lot of insight on things such as the Future Foundation and where Makoto Naegi wound up.

There are also many books detailing even more events that take place both on and off the screen, but I won't go into those. Also, its important to note a critical thing from V3 concerning the ending. I won't say it but if you are curious feel free to msg me or holler at me anytime. Sorry, just thought I would try to help out.
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