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  3. Never played Kingdom Hearts. Is this a good place to start?

User Info: rpeopler

1 year ago#1
I'm an avid JRPG fan, having played every mainline Final Fantasy entry, as well as a bunch of other JRPGs such as Tales, SMT and Persona. However, I've never played Kingdom Hearts. I've heard about this port being bug-ridden, and was wondering if it was still a good place to start. Also, in what order should the games be played in? Thanks!

User Info: MabinogiFan

1 year ago#2
This is probably the best place to start. It has the majority of the series' games on one disc. There are some issues with this collection, but most are fairly minor and are likely to be fixed soon. I suggest you play the games in top-to-bottom order presented in the main menu, but switch 358/2 Days with Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix.

User Info: dabestgamerYT

1 year ago#3
The only major issue you might worry about (at all) is the random save crashing in KH2FM.

(When you go to save and select which slot to save to, the game may crash. There's a misconception I've seen floating around that your progress is still saved, but that is wrong. You WILL lose the progress you just had since the last time you saved. At the very least, though, I've yet to hear of any save files being corrupted as a result of the crash. The only solution right now until it is fixed is saving often.)

Other than that, things like physics here and there don't typically bother most (not all) people who are either first-time players, really casual people, and/or just people who don't play the games nearly as much as those who play these games more than enough to notice the differences they see.
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User Info: foreveranxman

1 year ago#4
Yes. Get this collection. You won't regret it. Hopefully they will fix the save crashing in KHII soon. All other remnants of bugs from the PS3 collections never really bothered me or I didn't realize they were there. Doesn't mean they shouldn't fix those too, but I still enjoyed my PS3 collections multiple times. So getting those same collections in one package for PS4, 60fps?? Definitely worth it for me.

User Info: blacksinow

1 year ago#5
I understand that one of the problems caused by the 60 fps treatment has been fixed, but sephiroth's meteor attack has not been fixed. I'd buy it and take a chance on the bugs. FF15 proves that they want to fix their games via patching. I know I will be buying this game.
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  3. Never played Kingdom Hearts. Is this a good place to start?
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