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User Info: superdave100

1 month ago#11
NuclearPandaz posted...
NX-Zero posted...
Neo Sploosh-O-Matic is just hot garbage. But right now Kensa Dualies or Kensa Sloshing Machine are the gud ones rn

I like the fact that I can use the Squid Beacons, they've become very useful.

Yeah, Beakons on the Sploosh is the only reason I play it. Once you get to level 26, you should try the Dapple Dualies. Slightly more range, rolls, and Suction Bomb launcher instead of Tenta Missiles.
I still use the Neo Sploosh in Rainmaker though. I place Beakons aggressively, and jump back to them mid match to escape, flank, or hunt someone that I targeted with Tenta Missiles. 1 Pure of Sub Power works wonders I tell ya
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User Info: Wolferrum

1 month ago#12
If you like the Beakons the Sploosh uses then when you reach 26 you can trade up for the Dapple Dualies, which are pretty much the Sploosh but better. At 28 you can also start using the Ballpoint Splatling Nouveau to give you Beakons with a long range main while still remaining mobile and lethal.

What is your general playstyle though? Knowing that would help as far as suggestions go.
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User Info: Nkyaxs

1 month ago#13
NuclearPandaz posted...
bluebomber2425 posted...
NuclearPandaz posted...
The .52 gal with 4 Main Power Ups could do damage

No. That just increases your aim while, jumping, which is nice but doesnt overcome the 1v1 flaws the weapon has. Nice weapon but not top weapon.

It says increases damage in the ability box.

What are the best abilities to have on clothing? I've decided to save my cash and make my gear custom, since buying new gear and unlocking the abilities will always be random.

Like everything else, it depends on your weapon/role, so once you decide on that, then we can better answer your question. But generally, I would say that Quick Super Jump and Swim Speed Up are truly universal. Although most people usually only run 1-2 subs of Quick Super Jump because of diminishing returns (not that you can't run more if you want to).
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