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  3. When do you think we'll see Splatoon 3?

User Info: BusyGettingLaid

3 months ago#1
In the next few years? Or do you think Nintendo will pull a Mario Kart/Smash and do one per console generation? I honestly think it might be the latter.

User Info: ThinkInk

3 months ago#2
I doubt Nintendo is making a new console for the next several years given the switch’s popularity so splatoon 3 is probably going to be on the switch. As for release date, I dunno. Splatoon 2 was two years after splatoon 1 so maybe 3 years?

Also dat name tho
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User Info: FunSizeFenia

3 months ago#3
One main entry per new console--although I am hoping for a spin-off of sorts for either the 3DS or the Switch (cod forbid if they make a spin-off for a mobile device though) to keep us all satiated until the next main entry to the franchise.
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User Info: DrFetus

3 months ago#4
Next console, or on the Switch if it lasts an abnormally long time. But most likely the former.

User Info: TheBest69

3 months ago#5
Also the Spoon team currently works on AC 2019. The next full fledged Spoon (3) is a while away imo.

User Info: DarknessOp3191

3 months ago#6
Spla3n will be released on the Switch U.
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User Info: ArcanistFlapper

3 months ago#7
If it’s on the switch, it will take about 3-5 years imo. Putting another online shooter game to compete with this only makes sense if it dies out, however it doesn’t seem like it will be dead so soon. A spin-off/crossover seems very likely considering the popularity of the game

User Info: hanautaBOB

3 months ago#8
I think it will take a whike for a full fledged game... if they want to add SP content they can make more DLC... and for Multiplayer Stuff it would be enough to add more outfits, weapons or Stages every now and then...

I think they really have to make some Big time changes to warrant people might give the next Splatoon a go... it's more likely Splatoon 3 will be a release title with the next Nintendo Consoke which is far far away...

User Info: TheBest69

3 months ago#9
A first person spinoff. "Splatoon: Advanced Inkfare"

User Info: hanautaBOB

3 months ago#10
A Stealth Spin-Off... Inky Gear Liquid: Squid Eater.
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