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User Info: hanautaBOB

3 months ago#21
One thing that hasn't been mentioned... for online play (which is the main content of the game) you need a Nintendo membership... you can get a trial week for free but after that you need to pay.

There is Singleplayer Content, but the focus is definitely Online play to get money for equipment so you can customize your Squid Kid... Also the Amiibo presents are now linked to increasing your rank to get the full set.

And there is an extra DLC that adds More Singleplayer stuff... but that stuff is really REALLY hard... so you might think twice if that is really something good.

User Info: Timeclock

3 months ago#22
FunSizeFenia posted...
Timeclock posted...
:| 1 story mode isn’t THAT easy

Do not put words in my mouth.

I never said it was easy. I said it was a treat--by that I mean he does not have to worry about Rank, DCs, and whatever grievances that a competitive multiplayer like Splatoon has, since one can focus on doing Story Mode at their own pace without worrying about (digital) glory and whatnot.

Timeclock posted...
2 So you’re telling him to get education games for Christmas? No.

Again, do not put words in my mouth.

I did not tell him to get education games for Christmas--I merely stated that someone at that time of their lives should focus on studying and education instead of video games (as this can have a negative impact on someone still growing and at that age, which can develop into addiction and poor study habits--especially nowadays where Ratings are ignored and parents give whatever video games they want).

The TC is free to choose if he wants to give him a video game, but I advise that he should reconsider and give his nephew something else--like a gift card or money equal to the amount of a video game like Splatoon.

*stuffs word into his/her mouth*
Sorry. Today I feel like a sarcastic jackass
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User Info: Pizzacat10

3 months ago#23
(Completely ignoring every post on this board except for the tc's, sorry if I miss something or something I say has already been mentioned)

The game is very colorful and seems like it would be very fun for a 5 year old, but it is very difficult. I think he might be able to do the single player. There are two single player areas, the basic single player that you get with the game that acts as a tutorial and teaches you about the game while you play, and another single player, the octo expansion, that you can buy for $20 and is much more difficult although you can skip levels. The multiplayer is a lot harder though, since in three out of the four multiplayer game modes you're playing against other people and not the computer. In the one game you don't play against other people in, salmon run, you play with people against the computer which adjusts to your skill level but is still hard.

User Info: pistachio2888

3 months ago#24
I also got him pokemon lets go and sister is a gamer i am sure she will teach him
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User Info: Happy1912

3 months ago#25
pistachio2888 posted...
I also got him pokemon lets go and sister is a gamer i am sure she will teach him

Let’s Go would be a great game.

But like I said you NEED online player mode to unlock stuff. I just don’t see a 5yr old understanding why they can’t get anything when online IS required. When I first played I was unable to anything because of error messages so once I started getting matches in it was easy from there.

So it will be frustrating at best and chances are it won’t go over well.
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User Info: AndyMacG09

3 months ago#26
Its Shooter with ALOT of strategy. I would get him Smash 5 for now
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User Info: Gigaraver

3 months ago#27


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User Info: acoustiphile

3 months ago#28
This isn't a game for the <10 crowd imo.
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User Info: ILikePotaters

2 months ago#29
AuraChannelerCh posted...

Get her Pokemon Let's Go instead.

Let's Go is much much easier, has better flow, and isn't too complicated.
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