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User Info: ThinkInk

3 months ago#1
Some of my "friends" use my most hated weapons as a means of psychological torture and misery. Do you think that is a justified and moral descion? - Results (47 votes)
61.7% (29 votes)
19.15% (9 votes)
19.15% (9 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Please don’t pick yes. ;-;
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User Info: PolarIcy

3 months ago#2
Yes cause Range Blaster is good.
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User Info: GearRandom

3 months ago#3
That's nice.
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User Info: Taen

3 months ago#4
I mean, yes it’s justified because there’s a solid reason behind it, but if they’re gonna constantly do it to get under your skin and exploit sadness/angriness to worsen your play, then no, that’s just rude.
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User Info: Falcon_Pawnch75

3 months ago#5
thinkink topic post

to 32!
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User Info: HyperKirby7

3 months ago#6
"Play to win" is a common saying in competitive gaming communities. If it frustrates you and makes you play on tilt, there's no reason for them not to use those weapons. It's 100% "justified".
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User Info: rusquidkidingme

3 months ago#7
If they're picking the weapons just to annoy you, no. It's just mean to do that.

User Info: bluebomber2425

3 months ago#8
How many hated weapons you got?
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User Info: TheBest69

3 months ago#9
bluebomber2425 posted...
How many hated weapons you got?

ALL of em! 😆😆😆

User Info: FunSizeFenia

3 months ago#10
Ah, that is quite the conundrum if you are dealing with your friends. If they--

*she cuts herself off for a moment, then begins again after remembering what ThinkInk requested 2 weeks ago*

If they gonna be like that an' dis yo flava, I say you best return the fava' n' use weapons they be hatin' that'll splat 'em cephalopunk friends a' yours. You either gonna adapt ta' the pain they be bringin' or you gotta bring yo' own kinda pain ta' the game, ya heard?

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