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  3. Which team are you joining for the Smash Splatfest?

User Info: FunSizeFenia

3 months ago#11
Pizzacat10 posted...
(you changed the spoilers in my post but ok)

Apologies. The last time I quoted someone with a spoiler, the system removed the spoiler filter, so I decided to put a spoiler on the entire paragraph after Bowser.

Pizzacat10 posted...
But now if they do it in s3 the whole idol capturing thing will be a little repetitive.

I said the same thing about Bowser always capturing Peach in almost every installment of the Mario franchise yet they made it work, so we shall see when Splatoon 3 inevitably gets released.

To be honest, I am fine with either Pearl, Marina, or both becoming the next Hypno Hooker--although if the developers surprise us, it would be a welcome change.
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User Info: bebopstreet

3 months ago#12
Team Churro!

User Info: kildaver

3 months ago#13
I was Team Decepticon years ago; I'm Team Villain now.
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User Info: TheBest69

3 months ago#14
Woomies and Veemos are heroes. So go figure 😃

User Info: TheLightsAreOn

3 months ago#15
at the time of my vote for Team Villains, Heroes is leading 50 to 30. I was willing to bet it would be the other way around.
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  3. Which team are you joining for the Smash Splatfest?
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