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User Info: Squidiot

1 week ago#1
Easy choice for me

For NA, forgot that in the title

Salsa ftw
@ me and I'll steal your pudding
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User Info: LumaRosalina

1 week ago#2
Absolutely salsa
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User Info: FunSizeFenia

1 week ago#3
Salsa, without a doubt--Guacamole is just pureed avocado salsa.

Incidentally, avocado is an ingredient of a Salsa called "Creamy Avocado Salsa".

Salsa is just too versatile and has plenty of variants and uses when compared to guacamole.

See for yourself and compare the two before you vote:
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User Info: Gamemaster64

1 week ago#4
welp sorry Marina, going to have to pick Pearl for this one.
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User Info: Squidiot

1 week ago#5
Fresh cilantro salsa is a gift from the divines
@ me and I'll steal your pudding

User Info: BerryBlast

1 week ago#6
I love avocados and would happily spread their creamy goodness over all sandwiches I eat if they didn't go so fast in my house. Now, I don't care much for guacamole actually, but between the two I would rather have a heaping helping of guacamole. With extra chunky avocado pieces if possible.

It's funny, but I'm actually looking forward to fighting for Team Guacamole. I haven't cared this much since Money vs Love.
Fruity and dangerous.

User Info: Nightbell

1 week ago#7
I need both for my chips but I'll side with Marina like i always do.

User Info: bluebomber2425

1 week ago#8
I HATE avocado and love salsa. Easiest Splatfest decision ever.
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User Info: HyperKirby7

1 week ago#10
This makes me a terrible Texan, but I'm not a huge fan of either one. XD
Best color is making this decision for me, I s'pose.

This Splatfest should've been Sour Cream v. Salsa. There would've been some serious battle lines drawn in that one.
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