Do You Want a Splatoon Anime and Why

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Well, do you?

And no, I don’t count the official manga dub as an anime.
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Totes would. As long as it’s more meaningful and less meandering than the Pokémon anime.
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User Info: Wage

4 days ago#3
Only if it's some one-off OVA or mini series that stars the supporting characters in the game (Callie, Marie, Agent _, Cuttlefish, Spike, Marina, Pearl, Judd, Murch, etc) and has little to do with the regular gameplay.

Don't feel like watching another Pokemon-like series where everything could've been good if not for the lame main character they created.
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User Info: PolarIcy

4 days ago#4
No. Manga's trash, it would be just as bad.
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User Info: dZehn13

4 days ago#5
Yes, based around turf wars/life in Inkopolis. An a side story of Agent 3 and Agent 4 mission.

Make it light hearted story for all ages like Pokemon. Sometimes slice of life story and sometimes serious story.

User Info: GearRandom

4 days ago#6
Splatoon High School harem anime
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User Info: TheBest69

4 days ago#7
Would love some cute slice of life anime. Woomies and Veemos are already cute but just imagine them animated. Awww

User Info: FunSizeFenia

4 days ago#8
A 12-episode anime depicting Callie's descent into Octarian whoredom (and room decorator, as stated in the Sunken Scroll) or the life of Octolings/Octarians, their living conditions and how the events of S2 and OE affected them would make a wondrous addition not only to the lore-building of the series, but would explain some unanswered questions--relating to Octarian life-cycles and how Octolings are truly "born".
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User Info: Ardic

4 days ago#9

User Info: Foopadoop

4 days ago#10
20 min of woomy
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