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User Info: DrFetus

8 months ago#1

Next Splatfest theme: Squid vs. Octopus!

User Info: DarknessOp3191

8 months ago#2
Yeah, was just about to post this.

This was faster than expected.
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User Info: KingSans2nd

8 months ago#3
Honestly think Octos are going to win this race war. Even though they lack the necessary limbs, they will use their superior skills and brains.

And also lots of people who didn’t buy the DLC will be an octo.
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User Info: Gamemaster64

8 months ago#4
wonder why the two week gap.
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User Info: DrFetus

8 months ago#5

RACE WAR IS BEING ENFORCED! Team Squid will force you to play as an Inkling, while team Octopus locks you to an Octoling. Even if you don't have the Octo Expansion!

User Info: PolarIcy

8 months ago#6
Perfect Splatfest for the 1-year anniversary!
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User Info: bburnett

8 months ago#7
July 21st marks the first anniversary of Splatoon 2, and we’re celebrating with a global Splatfest! Which sea creature is your favorite, Squid or Octopus? This hotly contested Splatfest will occur from 7/20 (Fri) 9:00pm PT - 7/21 (Sat) 9:00pm PT.
To make the event more special, players on Team Squid will play as Inklings, and players on Team Octopus will play as Octolings. Even if you don’t have the Octo Expansion, if you’re reppin’ Team Octopus, you’ll play as Octolings. On the other hand, those fighting for Team Squid will play as Inklings even if their usual character is set to Octoling.
By the way, your appearance will only change during Splatfest battles. In the Square, you’ll appear as your usual rad self.
Which team will be declared the winner in this cephalopod conflict?! Will you take your time and deliberate on which team to pick? Or are you ready to declare Muck Warfare?
(Please note that the global nature of this Splatfest means Judd and Li'l Judd will need some additional time to calculate, so results will be posted 7/22.)

Global, yessssss 😁
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User Info: DarknessOp3191

8 months ago#8
Will this have the highest Popularity difference since <Mayo - Ketchup> iirc?
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[Game] is the Dark Souls of Skyrim with guns.

User Info: GearRandom

8 months ago#9
Said this before.
Marina's team, octo expansion JUST came out so people are hyped, people who own the expansion like octolings and want to play as them, people who don't own the expansion want to try out octolings.

Jesus christ this will be like 10%-90%
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User Info: Silver79

8 months ago#10
Are you kidding me? I’ll be out of the country during that Splatfest (vacationing across the world).

Smh. Gotta see if I can get Wi-Fi somewhere.

But, Imma be an Octoling in Team Inkling. Lol
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