The Splatfest ideas get stupider

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  3. The Splatfest ideas get stupider

User Info: TheBest69

3 months ago#11
Wow. That is the dumbest SF we had yet. But I always just grab my shirt to get a few snails. Never really participated in a splatfest lol.

User Info: rusquidkidingme

3 months ago#12
I don't even drink orange juice very often. I don't even remember the last time I drank it.
I had an eating disorder, but with help was able to break free from it. If you're suffering from an eating disorder I strongly encourage you to get help.

User Info: Taen

3 months ago#13
And so do your posts.
And I might see you in Hell, 'cos imma be the real devil and your soul is mine to sell.

User Info: RockrrGirrl19

3 months ago#14
Because they where so intellectually challenging before?

User Info: kkTheKiller42

3 months ago#15
Wetterdew posted...
It's better than f***ing ninja turtles, at least

Nah TMNT is better than this. Just not the tmnt they used
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  3. The Splatfest ideas get stupider

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