Most annoying special in the game?

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User Info: -Villager-

6 days ago#1
Poll question

Which one do you hate being targetted by.

Not talking about strongest, just what one you find most annoying

f*** Tenta Missiles, spammy no skill Point and click special. /salt

It isn't particularily striong but it's on so many weapons that a lot of matches devolve into who spams tentas the most.

I'm a turf war player so I'm not sure if it gets this spammy in ranked or league, I'd hope not.

User Info: Taen

6 days ago#2
Splashdown, purely because I have a burning hatred for the immense splash damage radius on it.
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User Info: Water124

6 days ago#3
Port Mackerel Sting Ray.

But I voted Splashdown for being an annoying panic button. At least I can block it with my brella.
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User Info: archidus

6 days ago#4
I think the Tenta Missiles are more annoying, but I hate Splashdown, so I can't not vote for it.

Especially because I love using my Inkbrush Nouveau and the Splashdown is its main weakness.
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User Info: GearRandom

6 days ago#5
Tenta Missiles are annoying by design.
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User Info: Silver79

6 days ago#6
Tent a Missiles, especially when 2 or more enemies fire them consecutively.
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User Info: Amiibro

6 days ago#7
Tenta Missiles can burn

User Info: Briezy

6 days ago#8
Tenta missles can go f*** themselves.
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User Info: NiteXp

6 days ago#9
Tenta missiles when people have at least 2 weapons that have them on the opposing team.
Inkstorm easily. Turfing and residual damage is a pain.
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