team comedy!!

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User Info: deeninja

8 months ago#1
need a 4th!!!!!!
D.skillz // 3DS FC: 0018-4270-7703
Ink*Doll // SW-5272-2652-0239 Discord: Ink_Doll#3180

User Info: DarknessOp3191

8 months ago#2
I'm taking a break because Team Comedy is Comedy.
Splatoon - Monster Hunter - Fallout - Pokemon - Smash - Mario Kart - Overwatch
[Game] is the Dark Souls of Skyrim with guns.

User Info: DarkLite411

8 months ago#3
Still open?
If you have to resort to insults in an argument, you've already lost. It's easy to call someone stupid, it's harder to prove a valid point.
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