New weapon incoming: Sorella Brella

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User Info: Amiibro

8 months ago#1

Sub is 'Trap' special is 'Super Chiakchi'

User Info: Hypergamer55

8 months ago#2
Isn't it really the Undercover Brella? Since it's all black and the handle curves?
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User Info: DrFetus

8 months ago#3
Yeah, this is not the alt Splat Brella kit. It's the new Brella. Sub is Ink Mine and the special is Splashdown.

User Info: Amiibro

8 months ago#4
Oh, i thought the sorella brella was the new one, oops, wasn't aware that was the name of the alt or taht there even was an lt, lol.

User Info: FunSizeFenia

8 months ago#5
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User Info: Crabnik

8 months ago#6
I'm actually surprised they're releasing this so soon just after the Squeezer got released. I was thinking they would hold out till sometime in January.

That said, it seems like they changed this weapon's supposed sub AND Special this time from when it was leaked in the datamine (originally it was going to be equipped with Toxic Mist and Splat Bomb Rush). The only other weapon they done that with was the Gold Dynamo Roller, and that was only just its sub.

If that's the case, I'm REALLY hoping that when the Neo Clash Blaster is does get released that they'll change its sub to something a lot better than the Sprinkler.
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User Info: DunBeJay

8 months ago#7
Ink mine and Splashdown? Not bad. Not bad at all lol
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User Info: deeninja

8 months ago#8
im not to fond of the ink mine..
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